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  1. I think this is fixed now in the 5.02 version. The closing 'X' button is still not all the way at the top right corner, but atleast when I move my mouse there I can now close the program without having to precisely maneuver my mouse a few pixels left of the top right corner. So, thanks silent Piriform devs
  2. Still a problem in the latest 5.01 version. Please fix this, don't want to stay on 4.19 for the rest of my life.
  3. Before CCleaner 5.0, I could always drag my mouse to the top right corner to the 'X' and click it and close CCleaner. Now, however, the closing 'X' is moved a few inches\centimeters to the left. Everytime I want to close the app, I have to carefully move my mouse to the awkward position of the 'closing X' before I can close CCleaner Can the Piriform developers please put the X back in its normal\original position, aka all the way in the upper right corner? Thank you Using Windows 7 x64 on a 1080p screen.
  4. Ditto, would like to know where I can report bugs for the beta version.
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