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  1. I saw somewhere that the slim version is only available after the addons have been taken out. This makes it unusable for me. I need something with a consistent url. It seems that as soon as the new CCleaner comes out, the old slim version is not available anymore... So if someone wanted to install CCleaner in the days between the release of the new CCleaner and the release of the slim version they have two options - wait for the slim version or install the clunky one. Would it be possible to leave the old slim version until the new slim version is released? Even better have a ccsetupslimx.x.exe url rather than one that is for every version.
  2. http://download.piriform.com/ccsetup519.exe
  3. When CCleaner 5.19 was first issued I took a note of the file size to be able to verify the download for others in my company. Then it changed, I think it was reduced about 100 bytes... not much but why? Now it seems that the file for the same version of CCleaner from the same url has changed again! It has increased in size 1MB. Why is this? It would be really good in my mind if the file size didn't change and if there is a change to the program there should be a change to the version number. Blessings
  4. I have a similar problem with it on 8.1 free version. It starts and then hangs. with about 2millimetres of the green bar it stops. I close it with the TaskManager:(
  5. I downloaded it from hxxp://download.piriform.com/ccsetup419.exe
  6. Sorry I gave so much information. The facts are that the installer for CCleaner 4.19 has been changed and doesn't work. Do I need to contact Piriform? I thought this was called bug reporting.. Isn't that the same thing? If I need to contact Piriform, how do I do that?
  7. Ok, so I used "company" in a loose way - we're not in a commercial environment. Does this mean that CCleaner should suddenly stop working? Any way I'm more concerned with the possibility that the piriform site is compromised, wouldn't you be? No we're not commercial.
  8. In my company we use the free version and so I monitor the version number and, incidentally the file size, to know when there's a new version. I downloaded and installed 4.19... on 27 Oct. On 3 Nov I got a message from my monitoring program that the file size had changed although the version number hadn't. I downloaded the installer again and it is 1592 bytes bigger than the file I downloaded in Oct. I was suspicioius but eventually tried installing it. It wouldn't install.!: As I maintain this for my company I need to know if this version was correct. It started installing but after the green bar moved about 1 centimetre it stopped. The only way to stop it was to use Task Manager. How has this happened? Will it be corrected? Are the others in my company stuck with 4.18 until version 5 comes out? Is CCleaner secure and can we trust it?
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