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  1. I have solved the problem! I appreciate all the help from the members and I have tried your suggestions but in this case I had to re-load Windows. (No, it's not as bad as it sounds. What I ended up doing was, in effect, repairing Windows which I'll describe in a moment.) I tried using Windows Repair All In One to fix the WMI subsystem. While that didn't solve my Speccy problem, I do think that the Windows Repair utility is one that is worthy of adding to my tech toolbox. I ended up using it to make a number of tweaks, unrelated to the Speccy problem, so I'm glad that "Willy2" made me aware of
  2. I "turned off" my Avast anti-virus program by taking a chance and deleting it and then rebooting. I then restarted Windows in Safe Mode with Networking and ran Windows Repair (all in one.) I chose the option to allow Windows Repair to run in Safe Mode. I then checked the box to fox WMI and ran Windows Repair. I rebooted and tried Speccy. Same problem. The I went back into Safe Mode with Networking and let Windows Repair fix everything that it normally fixes by default. I rebooted and ran Speccy. Same problem continued. I'm confounded. Any other suggestions? (I must admit that Windows Repair is
  3. Thanks guys for the help. MTA: I can't check to see what happens with older versions of Speccy because I didn't keep copies of them. This being the Internet, however, I'm sure that if I scoured the Internet I could find an earlier version. Willy2: I am going to try your suggestion although I must admit that I have some trepidation turning off my anti-virus program and letting a program that I've never heard of run on my computer for 20 minutes. Your positive this program is safe? Thanks, Wayne
  4. I'm getting a dialog box that reports "CPU dll init failed (error 2)! Some information will not be displayed!" and then Speccy goes on to report: "Cannot initialize SPC dll" under the next four categories - CPU, RAM, Motherboard, and Graphics. This is a relatively new problem. I have always been running Speccy, this and earlier versions, on my HP AMD dual core 64-bit 8GB laptop running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. Thanks
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