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  1. hi i'm want to tell you a short story i wanted to wipe one of my drives from sensitive files so i delete them, then tried to wipe free space i went to tools i make myself sure that option is "wipe free space" then i scrolled down the mouse for drives the drives wouldn't scroll down i clicked and tried again this time it worked then i choosed the drive then clicked wipe i don't know you noticed or not but first scroll applied to method of wipe from free space to entire disk and as a hobby my hand moved before i even think and i Entered the ERASE word as a hobby just like when you press Ctrl+S without you understand when to save your file and i wiped my entire drive actually i didn't realized what i have done until the process was over i fount my drive empty and i figure it out why later 100 GB gone for good, mostly only movies but in same time my 3D character that i worked entire summer on it and some movie that i recorded on tv and edited very precisely i always liked CCleaner for functionality but now i think it's a bit dangerous if i can't control it so if you please change that part of software i'll be appreciate you can insert a much harder lvl for wiping entire drive or you can forget it,and delete it from software, i think it's totally ok if someone wanted to wipe a drive he can format it most users understand format matters more and usually you're not going to format window easily then CCleaner can wipe the free space to complet format task i'm looking forward for a change in next version thank you
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