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  1. Dave CCleaner alls good the virus has everyone worried, layoffs unemployment working from home not being paid, utility bills not being posted as a credit it’s all understandable in the mess were all in today. I'm good as of yesterday , credits are being posted .
  2. I do see nothing on my system that need updating "Latest and Greatest" , but avg tuneup trial said just about all m software needs an update (LOL), windows should have been given that duty. Thanks Admin.
  3. I'm too am waiting. Tue, Dec 1 at 10:55 AM. Thank you for your order. I believe looking for reassurance that it’s been received and being processed.
  4. What is it actually supposed to update? How can I tell what version the applications are so they have not been neglected?
  5. Just comparing AVG Tune UP to CCleaner programs; checking once a week, when it came to the software updates AVG said there were 13 and CCleaner said 0, why should I upgrade tp professional edition? my first subscription I didn't see much difference between the basic and the pro version .
  6. Mix

    Is v5.45.6611. 64 bit

    Thanks Nergal found it. To prevent apps from running in the background use the following steps: · Open Settings. · Click on Privacy. · Click on Background apps. · On the "Background apps" page use one of the two options: Turn off the Let apps run in the background toggle switch to disable all apps acquired from the Store.
  7. Mix

    Is v5.45.6611. 64 bit

    Oh here we go - Is CCleaner malware? https://blog.malwarebytes.com/security-world/2017/09/infected-ccleaner-downloads-from-official-servers/ Thanks for the replies.
  8. Is v5.45.6611. 64 bit the latest version? Decision to ask would you go with AVG Antivirus or CCleaner? or is one missing something from the other, do I need both? My CCleaner It states 5.44.6575 is available to download! I dont understand why Microsoft edge is always running when I don't use it CCleaner is asking do I want to close it.
  9. I don't use it so whats the point of having it plus it saves space. Does CCleaner elimate all of this? {link removed}
  10. Thanks for the help/link DennisD came off the 5.27.5976 and went back to CCleaner 5.26.5937 all seems well again. The rollback worked.
  11. Wednesday, February 15, 2017 just installed the update and the computer started to run erratic and slow. I stop the process CCleaner in the task manager and uninstalled the program. Windows 10 Home – version 1607 - O/S build14393.693. I don’t know the previous CCleaner version it could be 5.27.5976 . Anyway to rollback?
  12. The upgrade in build v5.22.5724 (64bit) - In word 2007 my recent documents are being wiped out – under Windows Explorer recent documents is unchecked. What else is missing to stop clearing out my recent documents? Read the Windows Explorer files http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-rules/windows-tab/windows-explorer-files , no help.
  13. Did some playing around with the program found out that on the main screen there is Windows and Applications. CCleaner detected what I use on the PC. Under applications - Applications there it was office 2007, I unchecked it and everything is fine.
  14. According to Recent Documents - This option clears the list Windows Explorer maintains of your most recently-opened files (see, for example, the My Recent Documents item on the Start menu). I followed the procedure but it still erases my pinned documents. How to I stop CCleaner from erasing my documents in Office Word 2007?
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