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  1. Have new information that someone smarter than I may know what to do with ... 1- Illustrator CAN open .jpg files that : 1) reside outside of the directories where there are Illustrator files, work and links to Illustrator work, and 2) have never been used by Illustrator or any other Adobe program. It can NOT read .jpg files made with Adobe software and/or or which are in directories.with other Illustrator work. and 2- I tried opening one of these 'unopenable' .jpg files with Adobe Photoshop. The file would not open in Photoshop either but I was given an interesting message: "Could not place the document 'name of file.jpg' because a JPEG segment marker segment length is too short or... (and then the message cuts off.. I can't open the box or see anything else of the message.)
  2. Mta, Thanks again for chiming in. I did test the files on another system with the same Adobe software and I get the same problems on .ai files AND .jpg files that were on the same system as I've been writing about. They were both backups. One is a copy of .ai and .jpg files made after this problem started and the other is a backup on DVD from a couple weeks ago and was in the DVD drive when I ran CCleaner. When you run the default cleaning does it clean or affect disks in DVD drives? Illustrator on both systems can read/use .ai and .jpg files that were made from the last available backup made in June which has been outside the system for months. What do you think?
  3. I have new information and would really appreciate experts weighing in. I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe CS6 (including Illustrator), and I'm getting the same problems so I'm not sure CCleaner affected the software. I still can't open .ai files right. Oddely enough, Illustrator opens .jpg files that were downloaded and reside elsewhere on the drive, but it can NOT open .jpg files that were made by Adobe software. If I don't figure this out I will lose HUNDREDS of hours of work and graphic assets. Help! Driving me nuts. Inexplicable. Anybody else have any ideas?
  4. Mta, Very helpful and very clear. Thank you! I tried to 'like this' to your response but got an error saying I exceeded my quote of 'likes' for today, even though that would've been my first... ever. Uggh, electronics! My computer is getting very slow and I just know Adobe put all kinds of little tentacles everywhere that is gunking up my system... that's what it does. I did the 'uninstall' and there's still CS6 files in several directories that I found. What's your best defrag suggestion?
  5. Thanks MTA, I've never run Analyse and don't know what you're telling me. Unticking the cleaner I understand, but how will I now when/where AI becomes a potential problem? I've never really been interactive with CC.
  6. Mta, Thanks for your reply1 CCLeaner didn't invite me to make a backup so I'm wondering if maybe it didn't clean the registry. Does it do it automatically? Adobe has suggested that I uninstall the Adobe software, run their cleaner, and reinstall the software, which I'm doing, but it'll take about 3-4 hours and I don't want to do that everytime I run CCleaner. According to Adobe the problem was CCleaner and I shouldn't use it. They feel modern OS's don't need defragging and I should stay away from those types of programs. I'm kind of worried because even when I tried to make a DVD backup of a bunch of .jpg files that reside outside Adobe, my computer couldn't read them as .jpgs. Something just seems wrong. Could CCleaner have caused that in the same process you think? Thanks MTA...
  7. Mta, Yes, the files are still technically there, but they don't open correctly when trying to open them with Computer or Illustrator File>Open. When I try to open one of them, Illustrator apparently thinks it's a text document and gives me a "Text Import Options" box. If I say 'ok' to that, the document opens but it is completely blank. I did some more tests and actually I can NOT open many old files that were on a thumb drive and not on the system that I CCleaned. It appears that if the image does not contain a linked file, it does open, but if it does contain a linked file. it doesn't open right. When opening old files that were not on the system Illustrator does not give me the Text Options Box, but it does give me numerous repeated messages: "Could not find a plug-in to read the linked file (a .jpg background in the image). After several repeats of this window in which I choose either 'replace image' or 'ignore', the file opens without the linked .jpgs and then gives me another box: "Could not read the file because the plug-in could not understand this file". When I click 'ok', the document closes. In some tests I received the latter message ("Could not read the file because the plug-in could not understand this file") without the previous windows. Yes, I can create a new document, save it and re-open it fine. When I tried to open with 'computer' I did choose Computer>Open With>Choose Default Program. Yes, I think it ran the registry cleaner too. What do you think?
  8. Mta, Thanks for replying to my dilemma. That was a really good idea. I tried it and unfortunately got the same result. Any other ideas?
  9. I use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and after running CCleaner on a Windows Vista system, Illustrator cannot open any of the .ai files that were on the system that was CCleaned. Illustrator software seems to think the files are text files now and gives me a Text Import dialog box, which doesn't work. I CAN open old files that were not on the system that was cleaned, and I can create new images, save them, and open them fine. Any idea how to restore these images?
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