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  1. Thanks Moderator - I've wondered about this for ages! LOL
  2. Every time I run CCleaner (about 3 times a day before shutting down my PC), it displays over 200 Internet Explorer Temporary files and at least one cookie - even though I haven't used Internet Explorer for weeks! Why is that?
  3. I couldn't agree more wojtek! I have just downloaded and isnatlled the latest verion but I still cannot turn off monitoring either! Grrrrrr!!!!
  4. I have downloaded the latest version but it still will not save selected cookies! And I still cannot turn off monitoring from the Options>monitoring screen. I have disabled monitoring in the Tools> startup screen, so hopefully it is not running all the time even though I don't want it to? I might consider buying CCleaner Professional but I would be extremely annoyed if it still wouldn't save selected cookies and I still couldn't turn off monitoring!
  5. Yes, I always use my non-admin account for surfing the web and playing games. And I keep selecting cookies to keep but they are never saved. This wasn't an issue in older versions of the program and I am disappointed that it is now. I haven't tried logging in to my Windows Admin account to see if selected cookies will be saved then.
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