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  1. Great stuff, thanks Dan Dar3! I can confirm it is working on W10 pro build 9879
  2. Speccy (current version 1.26.698 - this version is 7 months old) is still not working with the 3rd public build of Windows 10 released today (build 9879) @hazelnut - thanks for the suggestion, but I have no use for speccy portable / in safe mode on my Windows 10 main PC :-)
  3. Windows 10 is fine, it doesn't need to settle down a bit From my experience and widely reported from many others, pretty much all software that worked on Windows 8.1 works on Windows 10 Technical Preview. Speccy is the only exception on my PC. FWIW, I used to work in a well known software company 20 years ago and we would work feverishly to make sure our products worked before the first beta was released of any Microsoft OS. And we took pride getting in getting the job done. And yes as a MS partner, we did have access to builds before public betas. Perhaps Piriform is not in that position, but there's no excuse not to give it a try now!
  4. And out of interest, are you representing Piriform on this forum?
  5. Did you not even read the thread title? ccleaner works fine with Windows 10 speccy doesn't work with Windows 10
  6. Speccy is still not working in the current build 9860 of Windows 10 - tested it just now on Windows 10 Pro X64
  7. @hazelnut, I know Windows 10 is only in beta version, but all my other programs run fine. Speccy is the only one giving me this compatibility error. I was just wondering is anybody looking into it? I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it on this forum. I should have been more specific though, I'm running W10 Pro X64
  8. Windows reports compatibility issues, but running Speccy (latest version 1.26 downloaded today) in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or Windows 8 and / or running the setup as administrator makes no difference. Hopefully Piriform can work on this asap? It's a pity we can't use this lovely little helpful program.
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