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  1. Hi all, I'd like, however, to give Piriform some credits. If I have to choose between an *ugly* UI and a badly designed feature (active monitoring, in this case), I could live with an ugly UI - which is subjective, plus that I don't live with it 24/7. The new UI did give some confusions, but it's not difficult to get used to it, and I am extremly happy and appreciate for the fact that Piriform has made the "auto start active monitoring" much easier to deactivate. In any case, it's just a personal opinion. Thanks for listening to the users for major functional improvements. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  2. Thanks, Reith and Login123, I wasn’t going to reply since the previous two comments are too funny. Comparing Piriform with Microsoft? WOW, what were they smoking? If it was their mindset at this size, think what would they do if they do become a larger company? And even if it was the case, (LOL, I can’t stop laughing), see what happened to Windows 8.xx and Vista? i.e. Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 9. The moderator tries to paint it as we, users, don’t know how to uncheck/disable the option rather than the software was released without such abilities. I never had problems for finding alternatives, and even with the size of Microsoft, they need to bow down to enterprises purchasing power. As for Piriform? LOL. In any case, I appreciate your comments and efforts to save the company, as for myself, I will move on but what I experienced here certainly will be a guideline for the future evaluation of the company. Take care.
  3. Hi All, I registered for only one thing: It seems to be an inevitable path for most software will turn to an ugly one, sooner or later. Like many, one of reasons for using CCleaner is to disable auto-start services that are difficult to disable using other means, and now, CCleaner itself has become one that most people hated and used the program in the first place. Too bad, I know this program and company now is popular (which has always been the starting point when a decent program to become a malware) so they won't mind to loss a some users. But for myself, bye bye and I am going to stop using the program.
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