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  1. That's only a small part of the solution. The rest would be actual application handling and, unfortunately, the ONLY solution currently is Comodo (that is, one which is viable for a wide range of the general public to use); and it has to be set to 1) Advanced View and 2) Firewall to Custom Ruleset and 3) Auto-Containment to Enabled with the rest of the components to your liking and personal needs; mine are kept to off, as I'm always extremely careful what I run on the PC - and, also, how everything is configured (for example, using Firefox with a custom user.js and mozilla.cfg). P.S. Not
  2. Yup, for a program that advocates online security and privacy it sure has a lot of unsolicited connections - going on in the background, without any user interaction. As you can see in the screenshots, it's trying to connect (and update, or something?); even though everything, including (!) automatic update, is switched off from its options. Probably should file a bug report, but I really wouldn't wanna raise any fuss about it - it's still really great software.
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