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  1. That's only a small part of the solution. The rest would be actual application handling and, unfortunately, the ONLY solution currently is Comodo (that is, one which is viable for a wide range of the general public to use); and it has to be set to 1) Advanced View and 2) Firewall to Custom Ruleset and 3) Auto-Containment to Enabled with the rest of the components to your liking and personal needs; mine are kept to off, as I'm always extremely careful what I run on the PC - and, also, how everything is configured (for example, using Firefox with a custom user.js and mozilla.cfg). P.S. Not to mention a HUGE range of Local Group Policy, a self-healing hosts file and so on and so forth. EDIT: As you can see from "NETWORK INTRUSIONS" in the screenshot - things are trying to run wild in the background - and I've only cleaned that log file minutes ago; everything that's not in use stays blocked because, why would we want it any other way, heh.
  2. Yup, for a program that advocates online security and privacy it sure has a lot of unsolicited connections - going on in the background, without any user interaction. As you can see in the screenshots, it's trying to connect (and update, or something?); even though everything, including (!) automatic update, is switched off from its options. Probably should file a bug report, but I really wouldn't wanna raise any fuss about it - it's still really great software.
  3. Ok, alright!.. As soon as I'd posted this, the download (page) is working! Jeeh-sus. :-$ Downloaded!.. Thank you!! )
  4. Hi, guys!.. Already checked the pinned topic, "%5BSolution%5D When CCleaner won't download (Windows)" and tried using, both, Firefox and Opera browsers (including trying the SSL version of the page), yet CCleaner - Slim (CCleaner 5.23.5808) will not download. The page redirects me back to the Index. Error message is as follows: Page source, view-source:https://download.piriform.com/ccsetup523_slim.exe <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>ccsetup523_slim.exe</Key><RequestId>DC7AF6144452E7DA</RequestId><HostId>VdYDMkGe7qlQu+oAbgqH0X1OGC2mHvIMxRJZ6tdZvzNpNpt5a0Hpg/WaNjQMNBtpJ5fkxuAGbZg=</HostId></Error>
  5. So great, that I will never -ever- know. xD
  6. Oic, dang... So, it's (just) another Chromium build; argh. Can't stand it, because it follows the (modern) trend of integration... Exactly the reason why Firefox is going down the hill, fast (4 the past, many, versions). ^^ You know how back-in-the-day, for example, the only way to insure a safe database was to keep the Internet and the Intranet completely separate... The golden rule (as, in: disconnected, usually physically). These days, everything is integrated - putting faith and trust into someone else's hands, amazingly. Privacy and Terms agreements grow ever larger, because it's funny to expect such software to be (even remotely, lol) secure and, yet, it seems to be the way forward (I can't understand it, whatever ). In any case, shame about the engine; might give it a whirl, still - tnx!! =)
  7. Just testing it, ATM. ^^ Eye can see that a lot of people are (still) using Windows 7, same hear; but, considering 10 - IF it'll be possible to use PowerShell ISE 2 remove the Store & a whole bunch of other (unfortunately integrated) components... Without damaging the OS; my last attempt almost succeeded, it was very close... Possibly, possible. Edit: Oh, 10049 is out!.. This last build, 10041, was decrypted from the Microsoft ESD file (and not via Windows/Microsoft Update); topic @ https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_install/instructions-create-a-bootable-iso-file-using-esd/d2768b51-221a-436e-af4e-d3b9118a8864
  8. Not sure about you guys' reasons, but 4 me it was difficult (not 2 say ridiculous ) to accept Opera's packaging of Chromium... Or, anyone else's for that matter *cough* Google Chrome. Looking forward to this!.. As my alternate browser, to MSIE. Blah, just kidding, ofc., meh. Firefox is primary (until they completely destroy it, 2), Mozilla FTW.
  9. Um, did I not put them in CODE tags and/or NOT make the links live? Why remove them? o.0 No big deal, ofc., just didn't expect the Nazi (edit, erm :-)) Soviet-like treatment, lolz. xD Edit: Thanks 4 the heads-up, in any case. (Don't mean to drag this on, by any means (!); sending a pm; ty!)
  10. Hi pplz!.. When attempting to Like This (example), I'm getting an error - right away (unable to use this feature, at all): ^^ Is it because of my account, local; or is it on the server? o.0 Tnx!!
  11. No? Why wouldn't it defrag.. & anyway, what are the benefits of moving a folder to the end of the drive - plus, even if it IS moved, what'll happen when more files are added to that folder and it's sitting on the last sector.Then "On most harddisks the beginning of the harddisk is considerably faster than the end, sometimes by as much as 200 percent!".. Finally, that just isn't the way the (any defrag) software works - quite simply. =)Edit: Some of the strategies ^^ Pretty sure that some variation of this is included in teh Defraggler and/or the API it's utilizing (it would only make sense )
  12. It's gone, as well as the download link. Btw., @ teh MajorGeeks.Com » Poll, I'm compelled 2 vote: "Slim version will be back", but IDK?!?? :-$
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