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  1. Yeah, I noticed that too -- If you check sys monit. then it auto-checks Active monit., and make you have to manually uncheck it. The message I get when I try to uncheck the 2nd one (Active Mon) is: (Title) "Disable Active monitoring" (followed by "!" in triangle in front of later text) (Text) "Warning - this action is not recommended. Active monitoring will ensure that CCleaner is kept up-to-date and your computer is as clean as possible." (line-break) "Are you sure you want to do this?" This strongly implies that MTA was correct in his/her guess that the Active Monitoring
  2. I'm still not sure either..., but I think your guess is probably right. Thx 4 replying, MTA.
  3. Cool - thanks for the tip - I unchecked it, and sure enough, that "extra" process disappeared. ** PS: Does anyone know what the difference between "System Monitoring" and "Active Monitoring" is?? Thx!
  4. Thanks - I saw that before I got to your post, and downloaded it, but thanks anyhow. (I wonder why the most current link wasn't where I initially checked LOL?)
  5. (#1) OK, the 1st bug was this: CCleaner claimed it needed to update to 4.18.4844, but when I tried to, the most recent update available was 4.18.4842 - the same update I was running! (#2) Secondly, I see two (2) CCleaner processes in Windows Task Manager when I run CCleaner (instead one -as in times past), and then - get this: Even when I close out of CCleaner, I still see one process running... what up, dawg!? (#3) not related to CCleaner, but there is a relic image of a previous action on the screen (but I add this find as anyone here might help me: For what it's worth, I have to reb
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