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  1. Looks great to me.. works great to me too.. What seems to be the problem? http://www.stephenkoochis.com/downloads/images/ccleanreborn.jpg
  2. You people are silly.. Excellent job piriform.. excellent upgrade, the interface is awesome and the speed is incredible.. Nicely done!
  3. I think it is freaking awesome.. I love how much effort this company puts into their stuff.. Outstanding, way to go! Nicely done.. really awesome.. Clean, nice.. nice.. Way to go Guys!!! and I truly mean it.. Love the new style.. Everything is going this way guys,, best get on the bandwagon...
  4. Hello there, Thanks for the direct link as the link from the bottom of the application still takes you to the old version. Thanks again.. Whew.. Back to being productive.. Kind regards,
  5. Hello Piriform, You guys have been awesome.. I mean really awesome.. The product works, its great, we put our trust in you to not brick our PC's and you deliver ever single time. I mean when you think about it, one little mistake and you could actually wipe out a million PC's.. Crazy right! I know you guys do a lot of work, but this new change has me a bit concerned. I am one of those people that do not like extra things running on my PC. In this latest release that damn monitoring thing is driving me up a wall. I cannot get rid of it. I must run ccleaner about 50 times a day..
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