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  1. If i set my documents as a custom folder it wasnt intentional, because i dont know how to do that. For future info how would i go about making sure i dont set it as custom? I will try these programs and see if i can recover as much as possible
  2. Well i downloaded ccleaner today and I read the beginners guide. Went to run the program, upon completion of cleaner and issues tab, when i closed the program and returned to my desktop i first noticed all my icons had gone away. I was thinking to myself oh well didnt have many on the desktop so i will just need to recreate them. Then with further investigation i have now found that it also deleted my whole my documents folder, which included all of my sons 0-6 month old baby pictures, and 5 gigs of music, plus everything else i had saved in there. Which inlcuded all my outlook emails, and my configs for most of the games i run. All my bookmarks for firefox, things like all the "send to" on the right click are gone also. So wtf happened? I left all default check marks when i ran it, didnt click anything that wasnt there by default. Had no other programs open at the time, and i have no programs that run in the tray other than a ATi's tray icon. Im so pissed right now, i dont care about music and the other crap i lost, but losing my sons pictures from birth is not acceptable. What can i do?
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