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  1. My operation system is Windows 7. I did the lost data scan and the media scan, but neither of them showed something. Nothing came out. The other options I could choose, weren't showing my SD card. I do not exactly know what you mean by running chkdsk on my card. Nor I know what you exactly do at your XP computer, but the cause of that problem is probably my lack of computer knowledge..
  2. First, I want to thank you for putting this much effort in this problem. I really appreciate that. I installed the MiniTool thing and made a screenshot. I did also install USB Image Tool, but this said the device wasn't ready or something? I couldn't make a back-up. I send you a screenshot from both situations. Thanks!
  3. The card is 2.0 GB. Normally, if I open the computer menu, you can see the storage space, and how much is left, but now it doesn't, it just says drive G. I can't format my card, and when I plugged it in, it shows a letter if I want to format it. And I did quick format it, but it says 'format can't be completed'. I send you a screenshot, but it's in dutch, so if I have to translate.. Under the 1,83 GB it says 'not-allocated', so I think that is the problem?
  4. Hello, I'm new here but I've read this topic. I have sort of the same problem. This afternoon, I was watching my pictures on my camera, and then I made a picture and deleted it. After this I made another picture, but my camera was processing for a long time, so I put it off. I put it on directly after this, and I made again a picture. The same thing was happening, the led light was flickering constantly and the camera was processing. I couln't put my camera out this time and I couldn't do anything, so I waited. After I waited it showed my SD card was somehow broken, and I could press help, and it said if I wanted to format the SD card, I didn't do this. I started up the computer, and plugged the SD card in. Soon as I clicked at the G: drive. It showed it didn't work well and if I would format it. Again I didn't do this. After I searched at the internet and I found out I should use a recovery program, I installed several programs, but they all suprisingly did remark the SD card, but didn't manage recovering the card. Every program searched for a while but without any succes. I can throw the SD card out 'save' as normal, but everytime it showed if I wanted to format it. I were almost sure that the pictures were still on the card. So at the end I watched a video at Youtube and noticed, I had to format the SD card first, and the other things will come along with it, because you can by then get into the SD card. So I decided to format the SD card, following exactly the steps in the video. I had to press right mouse button and click format... and then quick format, I did this, and it asked if I were sure, and I clicked yes. But after a couple of seconds, a window popped up and it said the formatting failed in finishing. I decided to reply also on this topic so I hope someone can help me with this problem, because I'm afraid my SD card doesn't work anymore. GunWiek
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