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  1. Hi, i have this problem in version 5.46.6652 ? why this error exist ?
  2. omg you are really really a genius, i mean if cpu/gpu temp reach to 90 C (for example) speccy turn off computer or sleep or hibernate ... or yes play a sound as alarm this feature is very useful for laptops, graphics cards and old PCs we have only one app for this purpose: Core Temp, but core temp not compatible with all computers and dont have good UI, also this app support only CPUs
  3. Hi this is a very good idea, add overheat protection to speccy for CPU and GPU with this feature speccy will be perfect
  4. Hi speccy is incompatible with windows 10 v1511 (10586) Please release new version Thank you
  5. No speccy need to special driver for detect motherboard temp ?
  6. Win 10 64bit speccy version is latest ver.
  7. Hi after upgrading to win 10 from 8.1 speccy cant detect Specifications/temperature of motherboard speccy work properly in windows 8.1 my laptop is HP Pavilion 15-N240ee
  8. Hi when i run speccy, WMI provider host in task manager occupies 30% cpu but in debug mode i disable process network data and then wmi don't usage cpu this is a bug ? or windows 8.1 had problem ? sorry for bad english
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