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  1. I belive that is only possible with the Business/Technican Edition of CCleaner. You can find all of the useable commands here.
  2. I have the same CPU and just checked it in Speecy. It also shows up as "Supported, Disabled". I am running Win8.1 (64bit) with an AsRock Z87 Extreme 3 Motherboard and a GTX 760.
  3. Have you tried checking "Deep Scan" in the Recovery Wizard?
  4. 1.) Yes, this will shorten the lifetime of your SSD. If you really need to use Secure Deletion, I would advise you to use less passes. 2.) Defragmenting won't make your SSD faster because of the way it access files. It would also damage your SSD like Secure Deletion..
  5. How much space do you use on the hard drive you are trying to defrag? Defragmenting doesn't work well if more than 90% of the space on it is used.
  6. My AntiVirus (G Data) doesn't complain about anything, when I open the download. Is Sophos very often detecting "infected" sites?
  7. That fixed it, thank you. Do you know why it increased the load time so extremely?
  8. CrystalDiskMark Download Detailed benchmark for SSDs and HDDs FormatFactory Download Fast file converter Classic Shell Download Restores the old start menu for Windows 8
  9. When I open Speccy, it takes about 2 minutes until the Optical Drives and Audio are detected. Everything else doesn't take longer than 5-10 seconds. The Optical Drives are "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSB0" and "BUFFALO Virtual Cdrom USB Device". The Audio section says "Realtek High Definition Audio". I can post screenshots of the sections for details if needed. I'm running Windows 8.1 (64bit) on an i5 4570, 8GB RAM and an AsRock Z87 Extreme3 Motherboard.
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