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  1. Been this way for a while. I've had the Seahawk X 1080 since August, and it's only showing up as 4GB of VRAM. And the mobo RAM says "16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1070MHz (15-15-15-36)". The speeds are right, but it doesn't recognize the manufacturer as Corsair, or the memory type as DDR4.

  2. Well, I've tried it every which way, and there are many inconsistencies. I'm led to believe that the issue may be (shock! horror!) with Windows itself, not CCleaner. Similar issues have occurred in the past, such as Windows just 'forgetting' desktop icon arrangements, the images used for said icons, and so on.

  3. Can I see a screen cap of the second tab (applications) too. Thanks





    just as a test (as there should be no correlation), untick the 4 boxes you have under Windows Explorer and see if that changes the results.


    do you use any CC enhancer, winapp2.ini or INCLUDE's ?


    I didn't notice any change, and no, I don't.

  4. It's probably something completely obvious that my sight is being selective about not noticing, but I can't find the tickbox that disables the cleaning of Windows Explorer folder options (Default views, sorting options, etc). Would someone politely point this out for me?

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