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  1. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/portable Goes to this page without creating a download: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/portable/downloadfile The portable link is missing from the builds page as well. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds EDIT: It appears Defraggler has similar breakage as well, the portable build is listed but redirects to the home page. https://www.ccleaner.com/defraggler/builds
  2. Like I said, the second suggestion was just a "pipe dream". (fun game) The first suggestion should be pretty easy and quick to add. I'm really interested to see what the devs say about the first part at least.
  3. Nope, I'm just trying to get basic functionality added like all other half decent uninstallers have. PC Decrapifier is another. But none of the programs are CCleaner. Many programs attempt the same things as CCleaner, but only CCleaner has really succeeded as a program. That's why I'm suggesting this basic, and standard functionality be added to CCleaner. It is the "industry standard". It should live up to it's name.
  4. No, you're missing the point. My first suggestion is the important one. I'm just asking for check boxes, so when on uninstall completes, CCleaner moves on to the next. I'm honestly at a loss for why that hasn't been implemented yet.
  5. This is true, but if you're going to uninstall a lot of programs, that's going to suck up a massive amount of time. If I did that on some of the laptops I've fixed it would have literaly taken weeks working 8 hours a day just uninstalling programs! The restart time was over 15 minutes in the beginning and there were around 78 programs to uninstall. Not to mention Disk usage, CPU and RAM were all pegged at 100%. But noooooo can't reformat because you'll lose your stupid files. It was so borked rebooting was the last of my worries.
  6. REQUEST PART 1: You know how you clean a computer and have to uninstall 20 programs of crapware? You uninstall one program then look back at your list to see where you left off. It's pretty easy to lose your place since the list goes back to the top when it refreshes. Can't walk away from the computer while the uninstaller works or you could waste time that would be spend with the next uninstaller "checking system requirements" and "preparing to uninstall" for 1-5 minutes. (Multiplied by the amount of programs you're uninstalling)! Needless to say it's possible to waste a lot of time. Imagine if CCleaner had check boxes to the left of each program listed, so you could just go through once and select all probrams you want to uninstall, and they would uninstall one after another. Yes you still have to click next, next, next, finish through each uninstaller, but uninstallers don't load up instaltly either. ESPECIALLY on an old crapware filled computer that's thrashing and has 95 programs running! The worse the computer, the more time saved. It also reduces the total amount of time "babysitting" significantly which can get pretty tedious and irritating after the first hour. Even on a good computer, it will save some amount of time and add convience for anyone who wants to uninstall 2 or more programs. In case you think I'm full of baloney with such an idea, here are some other uninstallers I know of which already have this feature and work great with it (but are either full of adware or not well designed, unlike CCleaner!): IOBit uninstaller Revo Uninstaller Absolute Uninstaller I've attached a picture of what I'm talking about from Absolute Uninstaller. That's a pretty "easy/quick" request right? Yes I did have a similar thread essentially asking for this, but my wording and explanation was bad, and my main point was completely misunderstood. I also have a lot more to expand on it with. That's all in part 2. Please don't ignore my first request if Part 2 is insane. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REQUEST PART 2: TRUE batch uninstall. Imagine you have 20 programs selected for removal with the above feature. What if CCleaner executed the first 4 on the list at once. Now I know it won't work with many uninstallers since they use Windows Installer, but that's ok. If 2 of the 4 fail to uninstall because of that or any other reason. CCleaner will move on to the next 2 in the list to fill up the 4 TRUE batch slots. Now 4 things are uninstalling at once, which will probably bottleneck you somewhere, likely disk or CPU if you weren't at 100% already. That's max efficency. Right now we're probably at >50% efficiency with uninstalling if you think about it in those terms. That's a lot to be gained. When one finishes it will attempt to uninstall a program one more down the list, and on and on until we reach 20 and loop back to what failed the first time. Now maybe you're left with 10 that wouldn't uninstall like this the first time, but you've uninstalled half of your programs in 25% of the time theoretically. (That is, if you can keep up with the clicking, which you probably can on a slow, disk bottlenecked machine. And not every uninstaller finishes in the exact same time). Another way to optomize this idea would be to detect if Windows Installer was running, and match it tot he uninstaller using it. Then CCleaner would also have to know what other uninstallers on your list require Windows Installer, and it would have a seperate list/queue it would go down ONE at a time so at no time is Windows Installer not being used! There is a small problem with this optomization though. You'll gain less/no efficiency if the USER unintentionally misses/saves these untill the others are done. Worst case scenario the user misses it completly sitting in the backround with the new ones popping up on top of it (likely for 1366x768 screen) and the Windows Installer only queue does not get worked on until the end! To avoid this we need a way to indicate or bring to attention which uninstallers require Windows Installer so the user ALWAYS attends to them first. That would also increase efficiency dramatically, but is pretty complicated to implement I think. Finally, it doesn't have to be 4 at once, it could be anywhere from 2 at once to 6 or more. In fact, the number could be increased from 2 until either CPU, RAM or DISK is at 100%, more than XX% of the time. You probably wouldn't benifit from more than 5 or 6 maximum if the installers take "normal" amounts of time since most humans would be the bottleneck at that point. (Which is even MORE efficient!!) You could even check if an uninstaller is working for more than X minutes and set it not to count against the total uninstallers running at once as long as resources allow. If it's running for a long time it's probably because either the user walked away (in which case DON'T increase by 1!!! haha) or it's very innefficient, single threaded, or simply has a lot to do. So much more efficiency to be had! Ok I'm done. Shoot me down in flames for my amazing, yet gruelling to implement request. I'm ready. (Please give part 1 a fair look).
  7. AdwCleaner doesn't uninstall programs. This is not for me, it's for customers who install malware because they don't know better. Even if CCleaner doesn't search for leftover bits, it would require little effort to add check boxes to the program uninstall list.
  8. I'd like to be rid of IObit uninstaller and it's ad bundled shenanigans. If CCleaner had a batch mode or better yet, check boxes on the uninstall programs list it would make it a worthy replacement. I'd also like to note that if this feature is added being able to use the arrow keys for list navigation and the space bar for selection is imperative. On a crappy malware filled laptop such a feature can save a lot of time Also, does CCleaners registry scan cover what would be the "deep scan for leftovers" when uninstalling programs? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to use CCleaner as opposed to IObit uninstaller or Revo uninstaller.
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