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  1. As a newbie, I had almost the same problem as the OP, that is why I posted my question in that thread. I made a mistake, and corrected it ASAP. I have read what has already been posted thanks and also the forum rules. I suggest you read them, in particular, rule number 1 and try to live up to both the letter and spirit of that rule.
  2. Sorry Nergal and mta, did not mean to highjack the thread. I have removed and posted in a new thread.
  3. Hi, I'm running windows 8.1 with Avast home edition and latest Firefox browser. CCleaner is hanging up when it gets to "system windows log files." and does not clean that file! Tried running in safe mode, turning Avast off ETC still no joy. Even uninstalled CC and reloaded with new download, still stops when it gets to that file. Any tips please.
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