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  1. I have version v5.83.9050 Ccleaner Free installed on Windows 7 Laptop Computer. I recently ran a Health Check & removed what all it scanned. I then did a Custom Clean & it scanned using the default Applications checkboxes & all the Windows lists checkboxes I could add a check to. It has ever since been logging me out websites that normally I would be logged into when I open the website again, like the next day or so. I use Firefox & I have been into settings & tried a few things with no change. I don't believe it is browser related. How could Ccleaner have anything to do with this "problem"?
  2. Version 5.76 using Windows 7. The program is starting as does show in taskbar. I've gone to Tools> Startup> CCleaner Smart Cleaning I then highlight & try to disable. I get a message that reads "failed to enable/ disable startup item: access is denied." I am using a User Account & when I try to disable, it will not let me. I then ran as administrator & it shows it is disabled. The next computer restart, it will come back as enabled. I believe this is causing problem for me, but don't know why this is happening.
  3. Hello- I'm using a laptop computer with Windows 7. I am the administrator and have a standard user account on the same computer. I use the standard account about 95% of the time. I'd like to know how I can password protect the user account as far as opening the CCleaner user interface. I do have an administrator account password.
  4. I have installed CCleaner initially via my administrator account on this laptop computer- Windows 7. I recently created a standard user account on this same computer and is NOT password protected. The administrator account is password protected. I regularly logon & use the standard account. The CCleaner app "works" without asking me for the administrator account password. My question is how could I prevent CCleaner from coming up without some form of security while logged into the standard account? It seems to me that I could make changes to the security permissions in CCleaner properties. I would appreciate any help or comments.
  5. hgw53t


    I want to use the option to "wipe entire drive". My question is exactly what will it wipe out? I want the computer to work when I sell it. Does it wipe out the operating system? Thanks for your quick response last reply.
  6. hgw53t


    Hello- I'm trying to sell my personal laptop computer. If I get a buyer, I want to be sure all my personal info is completely erased. Who knows, I may unknowingly sell it to a computer expert that could recover some personal data. My questions are- does driver wiper work well for this & what option should use- eg. 1 or 3 or 7 or 35- pass wiper? I have a 120- GB hard drive & it is about 43% used space on it. Roughly, how long would it take to run the drive wiper? Does it remove the operating system, which is Windows Vista? I want the computer to be usable and ready to go when some one buys it.
  7. Fragmentation Percentages were at 39% today. I removed all but the latest restore point and did a quick defrag. The percentage dropped to 14% after that. My question is how can I keep the percentages down without having to keep on removing restore points?
  8. Not positive, but I believe 5-GB. It will not store anymore than about 10- maximum different shadow copies. I know I reduced it sometime ago from default, and would store 10- 15 shadow copies.
  9. I have just done a defrag of my hard drive. Here is what I am seeing right after I defragged and analyzed. Why are the fragmentation percentages so high and what does it mean? I have deleted all restore points in the past & it does lower the percentages way down, but only for a very short time. What procedure could I try in a sequence that you tell me in steps to see if it helps? Computer has been VERY slow to load most any website lately and takes a long time to close out a website. Attached is a shot of an analyze right after I did a quick defrag.
  10. I have a question about the POH. I am seeing that it reads about 778- days. That amounts to about 18,600 hours. I am running a laptop personal computer with Windows Vista. My question is- could that be the actual time that the computer has been turned on & is there any other way I could find that data somewhere else on my computer to verify this is correct? I mean to say, is it stored locally on my computer & how would I find this info?
  11. hgw53t

    CPU Temperatures

    CPU Temps are running at 75+ degree Celcius, Motherboard at 85+ degree C. and hard drive at over 50- degrees C. most all the time. I have tried jacking up rear of Laptop & do not notice any reduction in temps. I cleaned fan, ducts, exhaust opening, etc. with compressed air & a powerful vacuum cleaner. Cooling fan does seem to work fine- speeds up when hot, slows when cooler. What else could I try besides disassembling computer & cleaning? Could the CPU need thermal paste to help transfer heat through the cooling duct? This laptop has well over 16,000 power on hours & has never been disassembled that I know of.
  12. hgw53t

    CPU Temperatures

    Could you tell me the maximum safe operating temp for a Laptop Personal Computer? I have noticed today that it was reading as high as 62- degrees Celcius. It will get higher as the ambient temperature & my room temps increase as the Summer Season is approaching. Thanks!
  13. I am using Windows Vista Home Basic on a Personal Computer.
  14. I tried exactly what you said to try. It did not increase or decrease percentage- still hung at 23%. What does that mean exactly & is that anything to be concerned about? This is concerning the free edition of Defraggler that I am having problems with.
  15. Percentages are ranging from about 22-29% after quick or full defragmenting. Sounds like to me that is extremely high. What can you tell me about that?
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