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  1. I used a piece of software that accidently deleted 25 years of my digital Pictures. So, I did a deep scan selecting Pictures, and in the advanced mode, I can sort by different columns, so in advanced mode, I sorted by the "State" column because there is no point for me to look at damaged files. However, there are thousands of useless image files gif's, bmp's and png's, etc. downloaded and deleted from my browser's cache. So, I spent hours and hours going through all the images, looking for my Pictures that were accidently deleted. My suggestion: Sorting by a column is not enough. I need filters for size and extension that can be applied at the same time as the state column sorting. I should be able to view only the jpg's in excellent state that are bigger than 150KB to filter out all the garbage I know I don't want. Now this I would GLADLY PAY FOR because it would save me countless hours of scrolling through garbage looking for what I really want. BTW, nowhere did I find the difference between the paid and unpaid version...
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