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  1. I've run it a few times now using normal and not secure delete. Now when I run it with secure delete turned back on it gets to completion. Very bizzare; I even left it over night once and it remained stuck on the file. If it happens again I will run it with the debug switch and start a new topic. Thanks for you're help, sorry to have wasted your time. t
  2. CCCleaner keeps getting stuck on the same file; which does not exist. This only happen when I use any form of secure deletion; normal deletion works fine. I run BitDefender but this issue still happens when I have BitDefender disabled. t @mta : @tonyroo, have you tried running it from Safe Mode, and have you temporarily disabled your AV to see if CC runs to completion then? Not run in safemode but have run without AV running.
  3. Having the same issue; seems to be when I don't use secure delete that it does get to the end. Seems to be temporary files; I looked for the specific file it was hung on and it does not exist. In my case if it does get stuck my whole OS needs to be hard rebooted. Using Bit Defener Anti Virus
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