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  1. Hello hazelnut. Apologies for not reposting sooner. I tried that initially and still had the same problem but after a system restore and an update Speccy seems to be back to normal. I appreciate the assistance on this matter and will post again if I run into any more hiccups. Most of the time is due not to Speccy but my laptop.
  2. Hello everyone. I just have a minor problem with Speccy since I got my laptop back from the shop. My hardware seems to be running fine but since I got it back Speccy will often hang and keep analysing to no end when I open it, maybe only revealing the temperature of the CPU and RAM data but that is it. Another minor but annoying problem I have encountered is that if I try to open Speccy via right clicking and selecting "Open", the window will not appear but according to the System Manager tray the program itself, "Speccy64,exe", is running. Any suggestions on the cause of these problems and how to fix them would be appreciated.
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