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  1. I hate nagware and I see it as a really poor decision for Ccleaner to deliberately confuse users in order to keep it's software in memory. First we had a new section called Monitoring and a feature called ACTIVE MONITORING which was ticked by default, this caused Ccleaner to stay in memory contrary to the users request to CLOSE the app. So a lot of people complained and were told to go deselect this setting, annoying but fair enough. Then we were mailed to update with the promise that new features were in the new version, so like lemmings we did as we were told and upgraded. In the new version the a new section called Monitoring was renamed SMART CLEANING and the active monitoring was renamed Enable Smart Cleaning, AGAIN set to on by default. Along with this came another new feature; POP UP NAGWARE! Honestly I do not know who is advising Piriform, but this kind of thing went out in the 90's BUT IT GETS WORSE. So of course I disabled the option, but I found at times it STILL remained in memory, to get rid of it I had to use task manager, reload it, change the Enable Smart Cleaning option to ON and then to OFF again. Then despite CCleaner not being in memory I found it was launched today in the system tray and then launching POP UP NAGWARE of Black Friday offers. Clearly there is something is the software that is doing this BUT HOW, so having set my options to stop this negative behaviour I investigated only to find that there were two tasks in my Admin user, I am sure that I had disabled at least one of these before, but to be sure I have disabled them BOTH today. Piriform! This is VIRUS like behaviour, moreover it makes your installation vulnerable to hackers who would seek to modify it to bring in their own trojans. You need to change this and do the following Get rid of this nagware Get rid of the task scheduler entries which just slow down PC's Put in clear options at install that say "Enable Smart Cleaning (Ccleaner runs all the time in background) " Perhaps put another option saying "Enable Pop Ups of Special Offers from Piriform via Ccleaner" I am now going to monitor Ccleaner to see if it goes against my wishes set in options, if it stays in memory again I will be reporting it to the AV companies and uninstalling it. I am also ceasing promoting Piriform products as an affiliate until this garbage nagware and virus like behaviour is removed from Ccleaner. I hope you will get into the 21st century and focus on reciprocity and reputation as ways to promote your products. I am close to getting rid of this product forever. Please note if this post is removed I will post it to bigger tech websites, now please take on board the complaints of your users or lose the trust of all potential customers.
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