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  1. How many overwrites are you trying to perform? The general consensus is nowadays with modern hard disks (even from many years ago) that more than a 1-pass overwrite isn't necessary.


    3 times. Well I think that it's better to be safe than sorry. :D


    But anyway, the problem is that CCleaner considers normal HDD's as SSD's. I tested now even with 3.5 hard drive (via usb connection) and the same bug occurs.

  2. Hello! I have several 2.5 (SATA) HDD's which I connect to my pc via usb. But CCleaner always thinks they are SSD's thus not allowing me to perform more than 1 time overwriting on them. Can you fix this bug?


    Edit: I have CCleaner version 5.29.6033 and running Windows 10 64 bit and Creator's udate + latest updates.


    Edit2: Even 3.5 hard drives (via usb connection) suffer from the same issue.


    Edit3: I upgraded to the latest version 5.30.6063 but the issue remains.

  3. I have a couple of times noticed that Speccy displays Windows 8 product key incorrectly. This tool [link removed by moderation] displays it correctly. Can you fix this? Speccy and the tool I linked both display a different product key when using Windows 8 and Speccy's information is incorrect. Yesterday I re-installed a friend of mine's laptop. He had Windows 8. I wrote down the key Speccy provided and the key that the tool i linked displayed. They were both different and Windows activation accepted the key which the tool above displayed...

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