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  1. Thanks Chris, Just FYI, I downloaded the newest version, and the problem seems to have been fixed. TOm
  2. Sorry I didn't post my solution sooner. Turns out that (I use Word as editor for Outlook), for some reason after using Ccleaner the "Magnification" percent was raised to 200%. So every time I replied to an email, it used Word, and everything was twice as large as normal. Changing the % in Outlook did not help, but opening Word, create a document, set Magnification to 100%, then saving the document, made it keep 100% as the default, and problem solved. Sometimes it's the simple things taht drive you crazy, as you look for some tech heavy solution. Tom
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I just "ran it". I was really impressed with some increase in speed and a couple of other things, and then got a bit bummed out by the font issue. I'll try your suggestions, and get back. Thanks again. Tom Tried your fix, and the problem still exists. Everything is fine UNTIL I reply to an email message. When I read a new message, all looks fine, as soon as I hit Reply the fonts triple in size. Not sure how they arrive at the receipients email box. Tom
  4. After running ccleaner, when I respond to an email (outlook 2003) the fonts in the response look HUGE, even though it shows a selected 10 point font, it looks to be about a 32 point font. Any suggestions? Anyone with the same problem? Thanks, TOm
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