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  1. Fixed it!!! WOooHHoo... BUT guys guys,,,, please focus... this method should not be the real solution. Why? because we are talking about Ccleaner and not about Steam. Again thanks, for all those replies. And I'll try to answer them. - Winapp2.ini? I don't know what is that... no I'm not using none. - Analayze before Run Cleaner? .... yes I tried. And that is why I'm here at this forum. ^^^(Because, CCleaner is not showing nothing about Steam files after Run Cleaner)^^^ -------------------- OK, again please focus.... here what I'm here. I'm here, because Ccleaner has this box. So, now guys is time of some of you answer my question. For what reason, developers put this box of steam there? Because it has no function, as I see. Why? because, each one of you give me a different suggestion, but no one say nothing about that box. -------- - Some people say exclude the Steam folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) - Some people say go to regedit and change something there - Some people say save the game (make a backup) and uninstall steam then re-install it again. - etc... etc... etc.. ----- Remember this forum is about Ccleaner not about third party solutions. ----- http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=21482822&postcount=13 <<< this was my solution. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1810648 <<<< full post Note: Thanks, and hope the next version, I just need to uncheck the steam box. Bye
  2. Hi thanks for all those replies .... LOL sorry I forgot to say what version... of CCleaner. But.... guys If you pay a little more attention, I said it in other words. "Latest four versions" (said it at the third line above) I guess that means that I said I have the last version installed. 4.15.4725 (free version of course) - Which games? all the games that I have installed. Like Dota 2, CS1.6, CS GO, Call of Duty, etc.... etc.. - Ok, to answer this suggestion.... I have a little confused.. Let me see. ------------------- At Cleaner section, you have two tabs to choose: 1 Windows 2 Applications ------------------- And under the Applications tab, you have more sections with more options to choose. And under the section MULTIMEDIA, it can find it a box Steam (empty or checked). So, my lovely @:Andavari, why should I suppose that I should exclude the Steam folder? -If CCleaner is showing me a Steam box to supposedly should exclude the Steam files. So, what's the sense then of the Steam box? For what reason is that steam box there? --- I mean if the box is empty Ccleaner should exclude the Steam files also games to don't be removed, right? --- So, should everybody who has and steam games, should UNCHECK the steam box, then go to Options\Exclude\Add then find the steam folder, to doesn't let Ccleaner remove steam games? or what? Well, I'll try but not sure about that.
  3. For people who don't know what is Steam here a link http://store.steampowered.com/ OK, I'm not a noob user for CCleaner, I have been using ccleaner since the begin. And I love it. But on the latest four versions of CCleaner, I have problems on Steam. Let me explain. - As everybody know, CCleaner give you some options at the left side of it. So in my case I just want to clean the windows system temp files. Like: ---Windows--- *Internet Explorer *Windows Explorer *System *Advanced (just some options) ---Applications--- *Internet (chrome, java, etc.) *Multimedia (Flash player, Shockwave, Silverlight, etc.) but not Steam So, to do CCleaner clean all of that, you need click on each empty box to check it. ------------------------------------------------------- -The first time I note this issue CCleaner removed a 12GB game as nothing, without the check on the box of it. - In that time, I supposed that maybe was an new update from the game, but the next day was the same. - Then I thought, maybe is a virus on my PC or something like that. So I decided to reinstall a clean OS of Windows. But Surprise!!! same Sh!7&%... - So I tried this time this: I unchecked all the boxes (including steam) except temp files from Internet Explorer. You know. Cleaner ||| Windows ||||||| Internet Explorer |||||||||||| (Temporary Internet Files, History, Cookies, Recently Typed URLs, Index.dat files, Last Download Location, Autocomplete Form History, Saved Passwords) - So, after click Run Cleaner, CCleaner is still deleting my games from Steam. when the whole boxes including steam's box are unchecked. WTF .... IF someone here has a steam account, please check if have the same issue like me. Or is just my Fuc!@$%... account has that bugs Also, I hope that you can fix this issue soon ((well that if is a issue from CCleaner)), because if not then I should stop using CCleaner, cuz download more than 25GB of games each time I use CCleaner and wait hours n hours to play is so boring. Note I: Upps!!!, I forgot to say what OS I'm using x64 Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 + updates x64 Windows 8.1 Pro + updates x32 Windows 7 Starter SP1 + updates x32 Windows XP SP3 + updates All of them has the same issues on my Steam's account. (I mean deleting my games)
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