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  1. is there a way to get ccleaner to clean a application that is not on the applications list? thanks
  2. i installed defraggler but uninstalled it cause it takes forever to defrag. i want to go back to windows xp disk defrag. however after uninstalling defraggler, i caint find the original windows xp disk defrag. going to start/ search defrag only brings up the help topics. i can bring it up using my computer/local disk (c:)/properties/ tools.. how can i find it and make a shortcut icon of windows xp disk defrag on my desktop so i can boot it easy?
  3. i have a trogan on my computer, reformating using windows installation disk does not work cause the trojan is still there after reformating. i want to wipe my hard drive using ccleaner. when i select wipe entire drive, the wipe button is greyed out and it wont work. how do i wipe my entire drive using cleaner?
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