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  1. I have been using CCleaner for years and I like it, because it can keep my hard disk very clean and the PC can run faster. Recently, after I upgraded to the latest version, my nightmare then begin-----the fonts on the working pages of CCleaner are so small that they seem small ants on the screen. I am using a 22 inches monitor and when I surf the webpages, I can enlarge the pages to the full width of my monitor so I can read clearly. I believe many computer users using 22 / 24 /27 inches monitors have the same problem as me---not good eye sight because of age or visual problems. However, the latest CCleaner's fonts are fixed and even I tried it on 24 / 27 inches monitor, the problem is still the same and made no different. Even I change the default fonts on my computer or simply using a Control-mouse wheel trying to enlarge the fonts (or the working pages ) on the CCleaner pages, it just don't work at all, the FONTS ARE FIXED. I wonder why I am using a big screen to read small ants on it-----can anyone from Piriform give me an us a good reason why the fonts need to be fixed. To see more information are good, but only if the users can read them. Trying to squeeze more information on a screen obviously is NOT a good idea and users should have the right to choose. Especially home computer users are more and more using big screen monitor and in facts, you can hardly find a monitor with screen smaller that 22 inches in the market. I believe those laptop user also experience such painful experience as well. And I strongly believe your pay version do not have much clients or growth because many users would rather pay for a better version or else, why to pay for a software that not really what we want. What have your marketing research have been doing---they are dreaming and discriminating part of your users snapshot.pdf
  2. I just installed a new Asus motherboard with CPU Intel-i3-2100. After setting up, I run the Speccy and see if the fan speed setting and CPU / motherboard / SDD temperature are working normally. However, these captured data when comparing with those using the Asus softwares--Senor Recorder that comes with the motherboard, the figures have significant different. Please refer to the snapshot enclosed which explain clearly what are the problems detected. My questions : which program is working properly or none of them working properly??, Speccy-V-Asus sensor-2014-06-28.pdf
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