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  1. Am I correct in understanding that 5.46 still phones home even if certain settings are chosen which should not only (a) make it unnecessary but also (b) preclude it from doing so? Am I correct in understanding that 5.46's improvements to the problematic monitoring in 5.45 are, therefore, only half-improvements? I have tried to gather what information I could, from reading threads such as this one, but I'm not yet convinced that I should adopt 5.46 over 5.45. Right now, due to the issues with CCleaner version 5.45, I have retro-graded to 5.32, which I understand to be the last version released
  2. I do not wish to beat a dead horse. But, at the present moment, as CCleaner 5.45 is still "pulled", as 5.44 is still retroactively distributed without comment, as (presumed number) 5.46 has not appeared on the horizon, as the company has not addressed one of the major and central themes in this situation (pro-active breach of trust without warning or excuse), as standard distribution channels remain un-informed of the problem except in terms of silent version-number regress, as the company has left it up to independent outlets (such as journalists and community-forum participants) to communica
  3. In response to Donchik ... nope, your steps to disable Monitoring in 5.45 will not work, as far as I understand this situation. I do recognize that your labor-intensive and careful screenshots were presented in good faith, and I'm thankful that you're trying to share the kind of information that would usually be helpful. Sad to say, however, in this case, I do think that your suggested steps will have no beneficial effect. (One might even say that the steps could compound the problem rather than alleviate it, merely because the taking of those steps misleads some users into thinking the p
  4. Thanks to all, for your discussion of the problems with 5.45 and other thoughts on this matter. I complained in another thread, but my technical know-how is more limited than that of several participants in this thread. I am still a bit confused about the "phone home" firewall issue. With this sort of behavior, what exactly is the program TRYING to do (supposedly) and what can it nefariously GET AWAY with doing (even if the devs say they aren't)? Here's my original thread, wrong-nesses included ...
  5. Sorry to necro-reply but ... I've got no idea. I did try to find the cache and include it in a custom clean-up, but could never ID where Launchy keeps its stuff. Sorry. As you were. 2014 was a good year ...
  6. I am thankful that Piriform has responded and seems to both (a) understand and (b) intend to remedy. However, I must admit I am very cynical about the nature of this mistake. What kind of "privacy" company releases that sort of update? The new version secretly monitors a user's behavior, initiates that monitoring, re-initiates that monitoring when monitoring is turned off, deliberately counters all user input to the contrary, has no turn-off button, and displays no evidence of the monitoring in any intuitive fashion. I find it hard to believe that this is a typical oversight, the type which, i
  7. Thanks to all who responded, glad to know I'm not the crazy one. It may be worth noting that my initial post now turns out to be inaccurate. Whereas I complained in that post that there were TOO MANY steps in CCleaner's settings and dialogs to disable CCleaner's Active Monitoring (I described three steps plus re-start), in fact there are NO steps which would do that. One CANNOT disable Active Monitoring via ANY settings in CCleaner, because (as others in this thread attest, above) CCleaner will re-enable Active Monitoring despite any steps to the contrary. One must depart from CCleaner an
  8. One aspect of the latest release (2017-07-25) is VERY annoying to me. The Active Monitoring feature is EXTREMELY difficult to turn OFF. This is a feature that looks at EVERYTHING YOU DO and keeps records of it. Yes, the use of those records is supposedly benign -- CCleaner will just help me delete those traces, right? But what if I tell you to stop monitoring me? And yet you don't? Am I going to TRUST that your monitoring is benign? No no no. I'm going to pull the PANIC BUTTON. You must must must STOP MONITORING ME!! GIVE ME MY PRIVACY BACK! Active Monitoring is defaulted to ON when you d
  9. The program Launchy has a text-cache that includes a large number of strings of text typed into the Launchy field. I suggest it needs to be cleaned by CCleaner. Launchy is open-source so the implementation is likely to be rather straightforward. http://www.launchy.net/
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