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  1. I think one of the problems is solved but other one is not. 1) As mta and Digerati said "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" must be unchecked. But sometimes even you exit chrome "chrome.exe" still resides in background. If so, manually kill the process in windows task manager. 2) Make sure in CCleaner, on the Applications tab in the Google Chrome section everything is checked (maybe except session because if you chek this, then, next time you start chrome, it cannot show you the pages leaved open before exiting chrome, i.e. next time chrome only shows your homepage) 3) Run CCleaner and most visited web sites boxes in new tab window will be cleared. I think this is the solution for the first problem. Thank you everybody for your help. But for the second problem, that is, clearing the most used bookmark folders list, I think we have no solution because chrome sync everytime this data from google servers. If you stop sync then your favorites will only be available for that computer. So this isn't a solution for me.
  2. I tried again. This time loggin out works for deleting most used web pages. CCleaner was able to delete those informations. I think in my first try chrome was not closed entirly. I mean this time I checked the tesk bar and see chrome.exe was there. So I kill the process and then run the ccleaner again and it was ok. I think this is a trade-off. Maybe chrome itself should give us an option to reset those informations. But either way most used bookmark folders could not be deleted. I cannot get rid off them.
  3. If this information comes from google servers than are there any solutions not to save this information within chrome settings ?
  4. Yes I am looged in to the Chrome with my google account. I even loged out but again ccleaner couldn't delete those. If I delete chrome user (which i only have one) then everything is deleted. But this is not the solution that I want. I do not want to lose other things. I just want to delete most used bookmark folder list and most visited sites boxes in the new blank tab.
  5. To give a shot, I ticked session and saved form boxes but it did not help. If you ticked session, It just forgots what was opened when you close the chrome.
  6. No I don't have ticked Session and Saved Form Information boxes. Continue running background apps is unticked.
  7. I am using CCleaner Free v4.14.4707. I always use this program but it doesn't clean those. Internet Cache, Internet History, Cookies, Download History, Last Download Location, Saved Passwords, Compact Databases are ticked. My Chrome version is 35.0.1916.114 m
  8. Hi. I am using chrome. It remembers most used web pages and show them to me when I opened a new blank tab. And also when I want to bookmark a web site, it remembers most used bookmark folders. Can CCleaner delete those? I attached two screen shots to make my self clear. Thank you.
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