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  1. DF will only show files with fragments in the file list. This means that all the other files don't have any fragments - which kinda makes sense as it's showing 0% defragmentation.
  2. Get in touch with Piriform at http://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us quoting your payment number and the e-mail address you used and I'm sure they'd be able to help you out.
  3. The processes list on Android is just like the processes list on a Windows computer - it shows the list of apps that have some kind of process running. So for example if you opened Facebook first thing in the morning, it would create a "Facebook" process which would then stay running in the background (to check for any notifications/messages e.t.c.) all day. If you wanted to kill the process, then you can do so using CCleaner's End Process function. This won't uninstall the app or anything - the process will be restarted either when you re-open the app/reboot your phone (depending on the app).
  4. NSIS error indicates the installer has become corrupt during the download. Delete the one you have and re-download. Should then work.
  5. If you've bought Pro Plus from Piriform then you are entitled to paid support: http://www.piriform.com/support
  6. Try and see if this makes the buttons clickable: Open CCleaner > Options > Advanced > tick "Save all settings to ini file". Close CC. Go to My Computer > C > Program Files > CCleaner, and move the winapp.ini file somewhere else (desktop probably best) Re-open CC. Are the buttons immediately clickable?
  7. 1) The thumbnail cache is where your device stores the small thumbnails that appear next to picture file names in lists. It won't affect your actual photos in any way, however your phone will then need to re-populate the cache again next time you go in a folder that contains photos. It's best used if you have a large number of photos on your phone, a number of which whose locations you only access very rarely/never at all. 2) It stops background processes from running, just like on a computer. The apps will still be there, they'll just be stopped from doing anything they're doing in the background, for example an anti-virus scan.
  8. If you go on a UA string analyzer (such as http://user-agent-string.info/) and click "Analyze my UA", what kind of device does it tell you that you are using?
  9. But you can't select "Automatically clean without notification" in the free version
  10. Sounds like you're using a Pro version of CCleaner, so you can get in touch with Piriform directly by sending an e-mail to support@piriform.com
  11. You shouldn't be using CCleaner Free in a commercial environment - it's not allowed as per the EULA. If you want to use CCleaner in a business then you need to buy a business license from Piriform.
  12. My Installed Programs list shows the same as Windows' Add and Remove Programs - does yours show the same?
  13. The Android app doesn't feature any background or Automatic cleaning.
  14. You can change where CCleaner is installed by clicking "Advanced" in the installer.
  15. Can you confirm if the list of sites saved in the history is in fact a selection of websites that you have bookmarked? And is the list of cookies ones that you have listed to save in Options > Cookies?
  16. Slim build is now on the builds page. Interesting indeed that MG didn't even wait 5 days before publishing their story.....
  17. You can save "Downloaded Files" and "Processes" entries from being cleaned by swiping the individual files/processes to the left so that the "lock" icon appears.
  18. That sounds like CCleaner would end up rather like another cleaning app available on the play store...... CC should go for it's own thing rather than trying to copy a rather bloated alternative.
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