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  1. well, solved the issue myself. downloaded ZAR and started tring to image the disk. top line, all red bad sectors. aborted. after reading somewhere that if this happens, to try a card reader, i sat there holding this micro SD adapter wondering if it's almost like a tiny card reader. Found a different one, put in the micro SD, popped it into my laptop, and it asks if i want to import. All good to go. ??? I think I feel like an idiot, but I'm not sure yet.
  2. I have also tried to create an image like you were saying, using lazesoft recovery. clicked drive to image, Selected disk (2 Disk 8.17 GBUSB Device) and in that bar where it shows how full it is, it's all white, (like there's nothing!?!) and says (*: ). 7.61 GB Below where it asks to choose the partitions to back up, I see nothing.
  3. Oh yeah. Same "invalid drive size" and everything. And not a 4 year old thread either. So reeeeeeally hoping something here works!
  4. I was really hoping to find more on this thread. I'm having the exact issue as OP. An extremely full SD card from my phone that was too full to even open the gallery (yeah, yeah...), put into my laptop, asked to format. No. So I followed every step here, and came with the same results as the OP. First downloaded Recuva. 0 files found. Next tried Lazesoft Data Recovery. Nada. Says in the list of disks to select and recover that it ha 7.63 MB but recovers nothing. I would do the suggestion you offered next but I'm in no way competent at hardcore disky computery things that require digital back rooms and all that jazz. So I'm not touching that without further help. Any updates as to what I should do next? I'm at a loss
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