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  1. After i reenabled system restore and created a restore point i was able to view it in CC. But all old restore points will be gone.
  2. Is the graphic interactive drive map a real representation of the data on the disk? I ask because I have run a defrag and compress program called DIRMS and after the DIRMS compress compleats and I again run Defraggler, there is no difference at all in the drive map. It still shows a lot of space between files. The attached image is after DIRMS compress compleated.
  3. I turned off restore points and restarted and now ccleaner is listing restore points again.
  4. I just updated CCleaner to version 2.32.1165 and Restore Points are not being listed.
  5. I do not have wipe free space checked, here
  6. Can the problem be passed on to the programmers? And thanks for your assistance, Alan I think the other fellow that thinks CCleaner is deleting the entries has the same problem, as i do.
  7. Alan, I tried the portable version, just now, The wait timer runs for a few seconds and then stops and nothing is listed.
  8. I moved to a new subject because i felt this problem was different than the other topic, And no one was responding to the other topic. How can windows be messed up when Windows System Restore has NO problem showing restore points? Thanks for res[ponding
  9. Don't know when this problem started CC is now at 2.31.1151 and i have tried going back to 2.29.111 and CC does not list restore points using either version. 1. I have a 74gb drive with 56b free space. 2. My SRP disk space is set to max 12% (9087 MB). 3. System Restore program shows restore points going back to April 7th. 4. PC operating system is VP Professional SP3 I have removed restore points maybe a month ago using an earlier version of CC. So something has to be wrong with how CC is getting the restore point references now.
  10. Willy2, That's not the case here: 1. I have a 74gb drive with 56b free space. 2. My SRP disk space is set to max 12% (9087 MB). 3. System Restore program shows restore points going back to April 7th. I have removed restore points maybe a month ago using CC earlier version. So something has to be wrong with how CC is gow getting the restore point references.
  11. I just went back to version 2.29.1111 but System Restore points are still not being listed. I went back to that version because i had a friend that was still at that version try to list restore points and it did list them on her PC.
  12. I notice that CCleaner is just not listing restore points. Because if i go to System Restore in System tools there are restore points available. So i think the bug is that CCleaner is not listing Restore Points. CCleaner installed version is 2.31.1151
  13. Resolved the problem, by restoring the operating system
  14. I was wondering if the cause for this problem has been found?, MrRon
  15. I didn't say i was IT. I was a computer repair specialist. And in 1969 there were no PCs but the first PC OS was MSDos. And if you were like my neighbor you would be a computer illiterate and wouldn't tell me to install SP3 as they have no idea what goes on with PCs.
  16. Because it would be nice to help, Just like I try to help my neighbor. And its possible that some one else may have the same problem.
  17. Reading the Microsoft.public.windowupdate newsgroup is my excuse. I have always installed all the updates issued by MS but not going to install sp3 no matter how many lashes you lay on me M_Lyons. LOL But thanks for your concern.
  18. I didn't say I dont believe in av or as I have them both installed on my PC and also a firewall. What I said was that with all i heard about the problems caused by sp3 i am reluctant to install it.
  19. I know that doing a System restore would likely resolve the problem. And that would be my next step. But we are not prepared to do that as they are not fully backed up. It's my neighbors pc. So I and they were hoping there was something i was missing in my attempt to resolve the problem with out having to format and restore. This is one of those OEM pc without the Windows XP discs so we can't just repair the OS. With all the horror stories I have been reading about the SP3 update i am not ready to update even my PC to it. I have also tried doing a system restore, but, You guessed it there are no restore points.
  20. OS is Windows XP Media center SP2 When clicking either analyze or defrag button in defraggler fails to run. Window opens to sent information to Microsoft. Event log shows this error: Faulting application Defraggler.exe Version Module Defraggler.exe version Fault address 0X000bd900 Things done 1 Insured paging is running and set to system controls paging 2 DCOM Server Process Launcer is active 3 Registered dfrgsnap.dll, dfrgui.dll and dmdskmgr.dll all registered ok. 4 installed the dfrg.inf 5 ran Chkdsk from command console, Completed sucessfully 6 SFC ran to completion 7 AVG Free 8.5 ran no problems found I have attached the files received from running defraggler in debug mode Any help in solving this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance defraggler.exe._1_7_124__2009_03_07_13_14_analize.txt defraggler.exe._1_7_124__2009_03_07_13_16_defrag.txt exception.txt defraggler.exe._1_7_124__2009_03_07_13_14_analize.txt defraggler.exe._1_7_124__2009_03_07_13_16_defrag.txt exception.txt
  21. Just updated from 1.03.093 to 1.03.094 and I find 104 to be slower than 103. Its so slow you can read the names of the files being worked on. Today i had 328 fragmented files (603.1mb). 1686 total fragments and defragler took over 55 minutes. with 103 defrag was done in a much shorter time. I have an 80gb drive with 63gb free. I understand 55 minutes is not excessive but it is alot more time than Defraggler was taking before. Os is win XP pro with a 2.80Ghz Pentium 4 processor.
  22. Yes, I would also like to know what this light blue color is identifying. I just installed the latest update and still no mention of light blue in the legend.
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