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  1. I tried this on my Windows 7 computers and CCleaner worked perfectly, at least for this feature. I guess it only has a problem with XP. --TomS
  2. Hi I just updated to the new build 4.17.4808 and the bug is still there. This setting always worked fine before. I'll check it on the Windows 7 computers we have around the house. Have to update them anyway. --TomS
  3. Hi I am referring to the windows run box in the start menu area. I know how to clear these entries manually but I hoped there was some kind of ini file I could use until the next update. I really don't know where these entries are stored in XP. Beside that, I tried to read the section about the ini file and found it kind of confusing. I haven't tried to check all the settings to see what works. I just assume it is doing everything else properly. The easily visible stuff all seems to work but stuff like prefetch data? Who knows? This is the first time I have ever had a bug in all the years that I have used CCleaner. --TomS
  4. Hi I'm using just the regular CCleaner v4.16.4763 in windows XP pro sp3. For some reason it won't clean the run history anymore. The last version worked fine. Maybe you don't support XP anymore but is there any way I can get it to work? I tried unchecking and rechecking the box already. Thanks --TomS
  5. Hi I have a pretty old Dell Dimension 2300 with 768MB of SDRAM. When I run Speccy, it reports 1 GB of RAM in the summary window. It did this with version 1.25 and now also with 1.26. After clicking on the RAM detail screen, everything is reported correctly. This is an XP machine. When I look into the system information, everything is OK. so I don't know where this is coming from. Thank You, Tom Statham
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