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  1. Win7 is the suggested OS. If I remember correctly, Windows Vista was a step child similar to Windows ME. I had ME on my first laptop. Oh, and by the way, the Microsoft Update for IE8 just came for my XP machine. Guess MSoft caved to the proletariat.
  2. Thanx all, I have again upgraded to v4.13 to find the actual file name, which is thumbcache_idx.db that was repeatedly too hard to destroy. When you right click on the listed item it gives you a list of thumbcache files, _sr.db, _idx.db, _32.db, _96.db, _256.db, _1024.db The _idx.db was the one that kept coming back regardless of the number of times I ran CCleaner over and over. Doing a little checking, it seems that .db files do relate to picture files, so I rebooted my laptop, and without running any other programs, I now get a clean CCleaner Run with no retained .db files listed on the second sweep. The possibility exists, that I had retained some picture function when I found the anomaly before, that would not go away when running CCleaner. This seems to have cleared up, not sure how or why, but as long as I close browsers, programs, ITunes, Windows media player, and all other active background items, CCleaner v4.13 is clearing all listed ingredients. Don't remember needing to close anything before when running CCleaners v4.12, v4.11, v4.10....... but I now seem to be getting correct results with v4.13. Now that I know what I am looking for, I will try to recreate the conditions if it happens again.
  3. I'm back. I am running Win 7 Home Premium. I am sticking with v4.12 because it removes everything listed when you run it consecutively a second time on my Acer Aspire I5. The actual file that reappears continuously when running 'Run Cleaner' repeatedly, when using v4.13, was something like thumbcache.itc.db or ilt.db. Thought it might be something more commonly occurring for others..... When I tried looking up the .db data base files, it produced a list with 64.db, 256.db, 1024.db files that were in the list of like kind files, but the only one reappearing when running v4.13 over and over was the thumbcache.***.db file. Sorry, but I don't really want to upgrade again just to find out if it is removing the .db file or not. Just thought someone else might have had a similar experience after upgrading to v4.13, and maybe had some other input. All earlier versions, v4.10, v4.11, v4.12, worked fine. I have the defaults all selected, plus Autocomplete Form History and Saved Passwords boxes also checked. Otherwise running all defaults...... If absolutely needed, I can upgrade to get clearer result info to post here with the actual file name exactly as it shows. Thanx for the responses !
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the new v4.13 CCleaner seems to lock up on thumbnail cache .db files and will not remove them. I uninstalled v4.13 and reinstalled v4.12 which did not, and still does not, have this problem. All things listed as removed, are gone when 'run cleaner' is run again, unlike the results with v4.13 where thumbcache.db continues to reappear no matter how many times 'run cleaner' is re-run. Strange, but true, these files may be of no consequence but should remain removed, I assume........
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