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  1. Hi I have had to replace hard drives problems on 2 computers. I reinstalled CCleaner Professional on both. CCleaner, accepted the key, worked on 1 computer, on the other CCleaner would not accept the key you sent me. That same key worked on 1 but not the other. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded new CCleaner and installed it. I cleaned my registry after every uninstall. How can I resolve this problem. I had purchased CCleaner Professional a few years ago and like its function. I am using windows 10 (legal version from ms) on both computers. The same software exist on both computers. These are very basic computers. CCleaner Professional did work on the 2nd before I replaced the hard drive. Please help me and give me instructions to fix this problem Ask me if you need more information. Thank you. c
  2. I've been using wisecare 365 reg scan for a few months, and I've now tried the CCleaner reg scan. I get 2 greatly different results. the wise reg scan finds 0, 1 or 2 problems. none of the find were significant problems. CCleaner finds 64 problems. I haven't deleted any registry items. I've been using CCleaner to delete files for quite a few years, but never tried the registry cleaner until the other day. I do not believe I have 64 registry problems (I hope I don't). My question is why the discrepancy ? I can't find what filters CCleaner or wise 365 uses to determine a registry problem. I am using Win7, at the latest upgraded level. Thank you for any replies.
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