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  1. I am seeing the same thing with the latest Speccy (1.29). My primary disk-drive is a 6Gb/second SSD. See below. My motherboard is an MSI, with built-in RAID support. My secondary disk-drive is a 'RAID-1' pair of Seagate 500GB drives. The volume-serial-number for the RAID set is showing the same as the SSD disk, and the SMART data is for the OCZ. ---- Storage ~~Hard drives ~~~~OCZ-VERT OCZ-VERTEX3 SCSI Disk Device ~~~~Intel Raid 1 Volume SCSI Disk Device ~~~~~Manufacturer~Intel ~~~~~Heads~16 ~~~~~Cylinders~60,800 ~~~~~Tracks~15,504,000 ~~~~~Sectors~976,752,000 ~~~~~SATA type~SATA-III 6.
  2. Using Speccy 1.25 under Windows Vista Home Premium on a HP Compaq Presario 4000, the "summary" page incorrectly reports '2 GB' of RAM, while the "RAM" page correctly reports '1.5 GB' of RAM (one 1GB stick and one 512MB stick). Is the "summary" page rounding-off all the "fractional" megabytes, e.g., 1.25 -> 1.0 and/or 1.5 -> 2.0 ?
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