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  1. Cool. Good to know. I've known about this tool and have recommended it so many times to clients (Because of what I knew about it's success), yet I had never used it myself since I generally did not care much about fragmented files. It did a really good job though.
  2. Looks like it finished just fine. I think the fact that it was a large image file just made the remaining time look wonky. The yellow middle part from my last image is now empty space, some im running defrag empty space to fill in the gaps of empty blocks.
  3. The virtual machine is not running. This is what it looks like now:
  4. Is it normal for defraggler to say 100%, but still ahve a remaining time? Two additional side questions: 1. Can someone explain each section under current state in my screenshot (attached)? Current State: 3 Fragmented Files (220.8GB) 26 Total fragments 1% fragmentation I assume all these three are related, the 3 files being the 1% of fragmented files. 2. Does my drive look healthy (non fragmented wise)? Before I ran defraggler, I had a lot of gaps of un used space and now it's all nice and blue. (I had taken a screenshot, but deleted it accidently. ) Thanks.
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