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  1. why a bad idea? cause someone deletes a file which is needed? There are other program's who do the same with a list of found file where you can select/deselect them.And I mentioned it for in the ADVANCED section... so n00bs stay away and the more expierced user has more power options. What did you never hear before? And it doens't matter if one program uses the same extension... There are lots of files on your harddisk which are big and never used... so I don't get your point
  2. Make a section within crap cleaner to scan the system for bugus files, no matter where they are on the system, no matter which program is making them. In the options you can set the file options. Eg: - zero-byte files - *.gid / *.chk / *.tm? - thumb.db or thumb*.* Just a list of custom files and filemasks. And maybe a drive selection with it. Within CCleaner you can make an optionbox within the "Advanced" module to do this deep scan (with a warning it can take some time). And tada: another step for better cleaning
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