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  1. Problem solved. Good luck everybody ! http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/undo-do-not-show-this-message-in-the-future/612e755b-c1c8-44e4-8e69-85fc7bac91bf
  2. The problem appears to be completely different. Just spoke to my wife. Here what happened. She runs the cleaner, the pop up window on the picture bellow appears, then ( don't know why ) she checked the box " do not show this message again ". The question is : how to restore it ?
  3. Thank you hazelnut, the problem persists.
  4. Hello. Haven't been changed anything on my PC or the Ccleaner either. Suddenly my Ccleaner started skipping Google Chrome browser. Until today the cleaner always reminded my to close the browser in order to continie cleaning. Am I missing something? I need everything from my browser to be cleaned every time I start the application even if I forget to close it.
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