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  1. let's see ... control panel / system restore - looks like i can only go back a couple weeks; this situation has been in place for months unfortunately, so i don't think that will work ... that's via control panel ... now i'll see what happens if i try during reboot ... f2, then f8 ... i picked the 'restore to last good date' option ... i'm going to call my router company ... i'll let you know how i make out; thanks a lot tho for trying !
  2. ok, so now i'm on as the new administrator ... lemme see if i can change the ip thing ... specifically, i think it's setup as a proxy, which it shouldn't be? yeah ... same deal ... so i'm in internet explorer, i go to internet options, lan settings, and it's checked 'automatically detect' and i can't change it ... then further down the 'use proxy' box is checked, and i can't uncheck it ... that's the box that internet explorer & chrome are telling me to 'uncheck' ... does that make sense, and how can i do that? i'm the administrator ...
  3. i am an admin, but created a new admin user, and am rebooting ... for some reason i kicked it into a safety check mode, so it's running chkdsk now & so on ...
  4. i downloaded the tweaking deal on a thumb drive, copied it over, launched it, BUT, it crashed during instal with the errors: please check your intent connection. if you have a firewall enabled please disable it or an an exception for reimagerepair.exe & try again ... i'll try the setup a new user as admint thing ... it has 'automatic' for the ip setup, maybe that's the problem, although i don't know what i'm talking about ...
  5. using internet explorer, and google chrome; ok, reset, rebooting, ... and ... chrome not working ... unable to connect to proxy server ... and internet explorer not working; trouble shooter / diagnostic: the remote devise won't accept the connection, go.microsoft.com not setup to accept connections on the port "the world wide web service (http)".
  6. i can get emails, ie, logon to gmail, etc., BUT i cannot go to most websites ... i can get search results, but can't launch websites ... crazy
  7. hazelnut - thanks a lot! - i went to the yahoo on another computer (where i'm on the internet & communicating) and i am still stuck -- 1. i can't download the trouble shooting softward cause im' not on the internet, and 2. i can't change my lan setting cause it says some options are controlled by the administrator -- altho as far as i can tell, i AM the administrator. i've got a lot to learn ... thanks for the suggestions tho ...
  8. i'm still in trouble - thanks guys - looks like i've 'windows 7 starter' ... i went the cccleaner backup file and did the merge/right click thing & rebooted ... i'm connected to my internet wifi router (i got bars, says connected) ... then when launch my browser & try & go to a website it says 'unable to connect to the proxy server' ... what option have i screwed up do you think?
  9. after using registry cleaner i am not able to access the internet (on a different computer obviously!). can someone tell me how to restore the config.sys file that existed before the backup? i did the backup, but am concerned that if i mess up the config.sys change, i'll be in big trouble. anyone? thanks!
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