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  1. Oh! So sorry, i never noticed those questions! >.> No, I have never installed norton on this computer. It was built from scratch and I only installed the main components I need, ie: Drivers. No, I never had any issues with any Activex/com. Never heard of it. Tried to re-install the program again but no results. Ok, here is the results from the debug. There seems to be something up with the time on the report as-well. I swear, it takes a LOT longer thanwhat it tells us. [19:50:17::084][INFO ] CCleaner v4.10.4570 (64-bit) [19:50:17::084][INFO ] MS Windows 8 Pro 64-bit [19:50
  2. I aint heard of it before. This is a pickle.... still getting the problem of being stuck at 46% @Derek891, do you still get the pause after clearing that registry problem? Does the registry issue return? If there is any tests you want me to do, let me know.
  3. I see what you are saying.... though i do not get a whole lot of registry problems. Infact, now that i think about it, i have not seen any since this problem began. Any at all. o.O
  4. "If you can look at the last output of the scan when it halts (and you have 15 mins to do so) you can tell more or less where it is, as the scans appear to be in left-hand list order." Sorry, I do not quite understand. When I do a registry scan, and not the normal cleaner, there is no information to suggest where the scan is being held up. Yes there is a list to the left, but it is not as if anything lights up to hint.
  5. Between the buttons "Scan for Issues" & "Fix Selected issues...", Add additional information that states what the registry scan is currently working on. For example: add one of them mini print.box things and have it print the current module that is running, or declare which section of the registry it is currently looking into. (I have no idea how CCleaner is programmed, but you know what I mean!) ♥
  6. I have used CCleaner for many many years and never seen this problem before. I have always checked everything and let CCleaner do the rest. Not once has it failed me. It might be worth noting that I re-install windows every few months, and the last time I did so was a few weeks ago when I got my GTX 780. It might be a coisidence but I will list what I got with the card. MSI GTX 780 Lightning - comes with Afterburner, GeForce Experience, Live Update 5 (Uninstalled Live Update 5 since it wanted me to install so much crap as part of its scans. Then uninstalled all the crap of course.)
  7. For the last few weeks, I have noticed that when I attempt to make a registry scan to fix any problems, it gets stuck at 46%. All of the check-boxes are checked. I have the lastest version of CCleaner. I run windows 8. If I leave the program for around 15 minutes, it will then finish the scan, finding no problems. If I re-scan straight afterwards, it works instantly, no pause. The program does not freeze, I can still press cancel, and I can see the green loading bar pulsing still. The problem returnes after the computer reboots. Any ideas? (Also, I run the program
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