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  1. ... Okay, so after about 50 restarts, and like 3 different attempts with different restore techniques, it's back. I'm gonna chalk this up to luck, lol
  2. I might have. I don't remember. Probably... I doubt I'd have many issues if something in the registry wasn't altered. Windows 7 and latest CCleaner (I downloaded it Sunday). I don't know if I use Winapp2.ini but it's not familiar sounding so I doubt it
  3. Hi, I downloaded CCleaner and upon restart, lost my audio. I checked off the standard stuff. That is, default. I have no idea how to get my audio back. I tried system restoring but that didn't work. I have tried to uninstall and re-install the drivers numerous times, but I still don't get my audio back. It had to be CCleaner, because it literally worked right before I restarted. After that, no more sound.
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