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  1. Thanx for that....It seems like everybody else, (well a good few of them) have had problems ranging right across the board with this one....The night I posted in here, I decided to just uninstall v5 altogether + downloaded another copy of v4.17....That was the last one I had + was happy with that + a few had said that v4.19 was a bit buggy....I shall just wait till Piriform give V5 a rethink...Until then, it's bliss to look at the old v4.....
  2. After I posted my comment the other night, I deleted the v5 straight away + downloaded my old faithful v4.17.....I have no probs with that + after looking at that monstrosity....It was like a walk in the park..... One other thiing that I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, was the 'check for updates' button at the bottom of the right hand side of the page....I could only just see the top of the writing as the rest was obscured by my taskbar + once it had decided to freeze on me, I couldn't get off it either.....Oh well....Good ridance v5.....At least till it has had a good dose of plastic surgery + a user friendly bypass....But thanx Piriform....I do still love v4.......
  3. I also noticed that although the site will let me post a comment.....I can't 'Like' anything as it says I have used my quota....Have NEVER used the 'Like' button at all....lol Ho-hum
  4. I have to agree with all above comments....I swapped my beloved v4 today for the new v5....Eeeeewwww When it 1st loaded, I honestly thought that something had gone wrong with the upload or it was in some way corrupted... Then I realised that it was actually MEANT to look that way.....Why Puriform!! ....It is very hard on the eyes....Whatever happened to making the experience of using your awesome (not visually) product a joy???? NOT....PLEASE, PLEASE....Change it back to the way it was + make it a pleasure again....
  5. Hi, I'm pretty new to this forum, although I have popped in from time to time. I was just reading this thread as I was looking for an answer to a problem I had today with a newly installed v5.0 CCleaner....I had to install again as there was a problem with my pc losing part of a file...When I uninstalled, I thought I'd load the new version. I didn't fancy trusting the Beta, so this seemed great...I have used CCleaner for quite some time now + never had a problem....Until today. It was doing a good job with other tasks, but then I thought I'd give the Dupe File Finder a go for all the pics I have on my HD. It started up ok, filled the page but when it got to the bottom, it just froze. The interface greyed out + I could do no more with it. I couldn't cancel, I couldn't click to minimize or shut down, I couldn't even right click on the program on the taskbar to close...I ended up having to do the unthinkable + reboot by going straight to the start button + overriding the task manager to not wait for the program to finish uninstalling... Not quite sure how it got to that, but It turned out ok in the end....Phew!!! Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else... I had a really bad experience with a dupe file prog about 7 yrs ago. The program found tons of files + it was letting me choose after every file what to do with it...Things were going well, until it started to speed up + stopped asking what to do with files + took over. The next thing I knew was a banner on screen telling me to update my drivers urgently. My OS was a copy, so I didn't have the backup. The pc shut down + wouldn't restart....It had erased ALL of my drivers....One dead pc... ...My ex had bought me the pc + I knew nothing at all, I got myself into some really nasty messes, but about 75% of them, I managed to work it out by trial + error...Things like managing to turn my screen upsidedown + not knowing how I did it....Enlarging my screen to the point that I couldn't see anything to find my way out as even the start button, (when I eventually found it) was as big as the desert + as many miles away...lol Everything I know now (which compared to you guys is nothing) I had to teach myself...I enjoy learning + when I do get in a scrape, ( not so much these days) I feel I learned something new....
  6. I totally agree with that...My trouble is, I like to learn what everything does + then I can't leave it there, I have to tweek this + tweek that....I remember one time when I had not long got my 1st pc, I had somehow got into a mega zoom situation....Everything was just soooo big that I couldn't work out what it was + didn't know how to get to the taskbar from what seemed like miles away...I was Alice in the rabbit hole for sure at that point... I got myself out of that mess in the end + still don't know what happened there....lol Another of my disasters was turning my whole screen upside-down.....If you've never done that one, I do not recommend it...It's not just the screen that's the wrong way up, the curser moves in reverse too...So, if you try to move up the screen to the right hand corner, the curser would go down the screen to the left hand side...I felt quite ill by the time I got out of that one....
  7. Thanx for that DennisD...It's good to know I'm not the only nut around here who just wouldn't let it lie...lol My 'Adventures' continued yesterday...I decided after downloading the 14 day free trial of CCleaner Professional, I would give it a try, not realizing that the driver wipe took so long...I started it the 1st time + it got to about 4 hrs + a pop-up appeared, saying 'Access Denied' + an 'OK' button. I had no option but to click 'OK' + the program ended...I tried later for the 2nd time + it got to about 7 hrs + did exactly the same thing again...I was running it as an administrator + after going through posts on here, I still couldn't work out what was wrong...A bit later....Yes...You guessed it...I tried it all over again...I started off with 733GB on drive + 14 hrs later, I had 9.59GB on drive...I had only 44mins left to go, it said....Needless to say, I was hopeful... It's going to work this time...I thought...Then suddenly....Shutdown.... Everything, I mean.....My electricity key had run out + I was sitting here close to tears...lol So near, yet so far away....I was terrified that a shutdown like that was going to lock me out of windows again, as happened the other week + with only 9.59GB to try to restart....I had to go out on the bus to top up my key but I was too much of a coward to face trying to sort out the certain mess that used to be HAL my pc... I actually psyched myself up for 'Doom' this morning, expecting the worst....It started up, I clicked on start Windows normally, it opened up with no problem...I restarted CCleaner, expecting another 14 hrs, but in 10 mins, it finished the job with no issues....I couldn't believe it...I wonder what will happen next....PMSL....Maybe I should write a blog....lol
  8. About 6 years ago, I was bought a computer + I didn't know a thing about them. I didn't even have the help of my ex, who gave me my 1st Dell Optiplex...Needless to say, I had a fair few nasty happenings. Somehow though, I always managed to get myself out of the most hidious situations, by just not giving up...Half the time I didn't know what I did to get into the mess in the 1st place, let alone get out of it...One really horendous mistake though, was one that I never made again + that was trust a program that offered to get rid of duplicate files.... ....At the start, things went really well, it took forever + the program was behaving itself...It was asking me every time if I wanted to delete or not + then suddenly, before I had a chance to stop it, it started to erase without permission. The next thing I knew was a message onscreen that I should restart my pc immediately as critical files had been erased....I did my best, but to no joy.....The program had left me with a dead computer as it had erased ALL of my drivers.... Never again...I still can't help fiddling though.....
  9. I updated this morning to CCleaner V4.09.4471 Professional free trial. I used the cleaner 1st + it worked fine, then the registry cleaner + so on...Then I got to the wipe drive. I set this for 1 pass as not used before + it took about 3 hours..Ok, I thought, hopefully it's doing good. Like Genezus above, I had before I started, 733GB of space on my drive. At one point, when it was nearing the end of a very long process, I had 700GB left, losing 33GB... Just as it was counting down the seconds to finish, (I waited with bated breath) A box came up on screen saying, 'CCleaner....Access Denied' with an 'OK' button. I had no choice but to click 'OK' + the program stops dead...No message or anything. Like a fool, I thought I will try it again + went through all that palaver, for another, nearly 4 hours..!!! + it did the same 'Access Denied' + stopped the 2nd time...I did however get my space back in my drive, but it hasn't cleaned anything, just, what looked like spending nearly 8 hours scanning, telling me I could get back about 770....odd mb off my drive... I'm hoping that there is a solusion to this....Had I known that it was going to take all night to do nothing, I would have left it till I had finished working on my pc, instead of running that 1st... HELP!!!! Lmao
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