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  1. Aha! So that's why I inadvertently picked up the Herpes virus... Well, on the plus side, at least we'll stay together for life... and which is more than I can say, for the person that so benevolently gave it to me, in the first place...
  2. Reporting for duty, Mr. login123 Installing earlier version, produced a stillborn result... So it's back to the drawing board... Perhaps I should trade in my old computer guy, for a new one... hmmm...
  3. I think all my programs are on E, so they can't get infected directly by the Ebola viruses, as I surf the net. Only the C drive is exposed to it directly. (At least that's what my computer guy tells me, LOL.) And I did try shutting down Windows without using innocent CCleaner and got a near-same result. (The Start menu entry was still there but with: "The shortcut has been changed or moved so might not work correctly.") It's now mysteriously disappeared into the black hole as well... so go figure... Also did a search, but there is no file for "ccleaner.ini" either. Finally, while I have oth
  4. Thanks for the welcome login123! Unfortunately, the 'inoculation' didn't work and the patient is still on life-support. On the plus side, we now know that CCleaner has been vindicated and exonerated in full. All evil can be assigned to malevolent Microsoft and its retarded updates... or me personally, as the case may be...
  5. Update & Apology: Evil operator blames innocent CCleaner for own incompetence... there ought to be a (Technically-Challeneged) law... =================== The last thing I always do after using the computer is to run CCleaner... immediately after he cleans up (but without doing anything else to him), I shut the computer down, with CCleaner still open. Next day, I'd find uTorrent missing, so concluded that it was the CCleaner's fault. Apparently, not so! Did a search about vanishing uTorrent and it seems it was Windows itself whacking the program. Turns out the solution is to f
  6. Both are the latest stable versions, but it used to happen with earlier one as well. Probably not. Yeah, I use an installed version.
  7. I've pretty much done all the above, except No. 3 and which I will, but have to shut down browser first. Also, under 'Windows,' I don't have either 'Start Menu Shortcuts' or 'Desktop Shortcuts' checked. Plus, none of my other shoertcuts get wiped, just uTorrent.
  8. Tried everything, but it just won't run. I find the file, click on it, only to be told by Windows to check my spelling, as it can't locate it. IE. I type in 'CCleaner.exe /EXPORT' but Windows spews out: 'Windows cannot find CCleaner64.exe' (probably because it's on my disk "E" and which isn't indexed) Though it kinda is excluded, under options: (App)uTorrent=False Exclude1=PATH|C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrentControl_v2\|*.* Exclude2=PATH|C:\Users\User1\AppData\LocalLow\uTorrentControl_v2\|*.* Exclude3=PATH|C:\Users\User1\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\|*.* Exclude4=FILE|E:\INSTALLATIO
  9. Every time I run it, it's the same old story: The Quick Launch icon on the desktop dissappears, like it was anti-NSA or something. The 'pinned' Start Menu icon as well. All this, despite µTorrent being explicitly excluded and not even checked under 'Applications.' Even getting the latest update hasn't changed a thing. Running Windows 7 Ultimate. Has anyone else experienced this same 'bliss?' Thanx for your help.
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