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  1. War... This is my first post here, yet I found you trials and tribulation a source of comfort and relief.(right now everyone is thinking either this guy is an a**hole or sadist) I am neither or I am both or whatever.... My former comment was b/c I know and feel your pain, for I was once in a very similar dark bottomless hole that you are in, (it however is not bottomless and not as dark as it seems, as you are finding out your friend here are helping to open your eyes so you can see the light and they may even throw you a rope to pull you out of that deep hole...[although sometimes you fail to catch the rope b/c your eyes have yet to adjust to the darkness....yet as I said the hole is not bottomless....which if you discover that fact by slamming into the ground b/c you thought you knew more then what you actually do, then it really F-ing hurts..lol. Yet you seem more cautious then I, so I would fear not(or to you a phrase taken from a type of warship "fear and dread not") b/c you will see the light, catch the rope, and be pulled to the surface with the least bit of trouble. NOW for what I really wanted to say... You mentioned that you were full of ,,,you know what...right. Any you seemed to be fairly proud of the quantity and quality, if your "brown gold" is as good as you say, I have a proposition for you. (before that I want to say that a person said to buy a cooling rack, one of the small dual pancake fan blowers[cost $10-15 walmart even less online] to aid you in dealing with excess heat. He was right, and I support his suggestion and back it up, b/c it does keep the temp down. Also vacuum all vent duct on your system, dust is like a nice warm winter coat to heat sinks. Or use forced air to blow the dust out...or when how run to the shower and hose it down with nice cool water, I promise you will have no more problems with that laptop....cause it will be dead, that was my bad joke, dont use water. Also, when powered down use a pin or pen to move the fan blade a little, just in case they have jammed up(usually you get a warning on start up saying fan not working, yet sometime you dont, and that little wiggle can help smooth out it performance. There are other things you could do like go into your bios and set all fans to be running at full speed all the time, and not to cycle on and off to save power, yet I doubt you want to get into that yet, it is however very easy, and if you desire to do so, ask away and Im sure that most of these guys would be able to help you (better then I would wager). I must apologize for I have gone off on another tangent...yet now Im back to the "brown gold" proposition. I have a surplus of hard drive, with different specs on each. If you are interested I would be more then willing and happy to give you one, two, or even three, if you desired and if they would be of help. I said give yet it would not be totally free, I would need you to get me some of that high quality "brown gold" in exchange for the drives(plus shipping, no handling charges). I think 3 kilograms of the b. gold would be fair, and you can either fedex, UPS, USPS, it to me or the best way is W.C.(stands for water closet..a.k.a. the toilet.). Anywaysss bad tasting jokes aside the drives, which I will list their spec. next, are yours if you want. Also I have 4 or five old laptops that still run, in fact I am using on now, its a dell inspiron 9300(have 2) as well as 2 presario 900's, avetec 3150, another dell inspiron forgot number, alienware area 51 and 2 or maybe 3 more. They are older yet run fine, one of the 9300 is missing 3 keys right ctrl del and pgup, (im using that one now) the other has full set. Anyway back to the hard drives, oh yeah, I forgot I wanted to ask you guys could he back up/transfer via sent to he stuff onto DVD data disks? One more thing my dad just got an external USB connecting backup device which is AMAZINGLY simple to use. You plug in power and USB and slip the new drive into the cradle and the computer does the rest...cost 19.99. hard drive extra, yet takes all sata types (desktop and laptop size). Its called "plugable USB 3.0 docking station 2.5" and 3.5" HD sata". Enough already Im sorry, here is the data/specs I mentioned: 12 plus 2.5" laptop HD all but one are ATA/IDE or "ultra ATA" type connection (they are the ones with all the little gold pin connections [22 pins on the bottom 21 on the top with the "missing 22 pin" being the blind pinless area in the middle.]) The 12th HD is a SATA type connection. I also have six (6) 3.5" desktop HD all having the newer SATA type connections. NOW for the detailed info, i.e. capacity... Starting with the older model of the 2.5" ATA/IDE design, 3 of them are travelstar IBM all 3 are 4200rpm, 2 are 10.06GB, 1 is 6.00GB. Next are 2 Toshiba standard speed 1- 20GB and 1- 40GB. Following them are 2 Hitachi, 1 is a travel ta, 4200rpm, and an older slow speed 6.4GB, then a fujitsu Model MHS2020AT(I believe 20GB) std speed, then a segate Ultra ATA 60GB 4200rpm. I also have a 35GB in this computer im on, a 40GB in the avertec, another 30GB floating around some where and finally the SATA Western digital 250GB std speed. That most of the laptop drives (I just recycled a handful of both types at an e-scrap yard, who pay 40-65 cents per pound...chicken feed..lol) So, onto the 3.5 HD As noted before all are SATA. I believe all are high speed 7200rpm. The smallest pair are 80GB Seagate barracuda 7200.7, The next trio are Samsung, the smallest I am unsure of the speed, it says 3Gb/s yet nothing more, its 250GB, Mod# SP2504C. The following pair are 500GB, 7200rpm, mod#HD501LJ. Finally I have 1 WD 500GB, 7200rpm. Some of the drives still have XP installed, the 250GB laptop SATA drive has vista, and 2 of the small drive have Linux. I can reformat them or leave the OS as is, its up to you. Well I have babbled on long enough, and bored the "brown gold" out of you, yet I heard your story and it reminded me of myself, and I wanted to let you know that I feel for you and I am willing to try to help. I will check back periodically to see if you are interested. If not then I will just have to remain on the sidelines rooting you on. Until you see the light, grab line and are pulled to computer happiness, I have only this to say......take it light....--KB
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