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  1. The Windows / Windows Explorer / Taskbar Jump Lists is the culprit. The Recent Documents list was not removed when this selection was unchecked. What are the Taskbar Jump Lists? Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. The problem occurs with both Classic and Standard Win7 views. I upgraded to build 4.10. I ran CCleaner with all the selections under Windows and Applications unchecked. The Recent Documents list was not removed during this test. I'll have to experiment to find out what selection is the culprit. Will keep you informed.
  3. Have them unchecked. Same results. Recent documents except those pinned are removed.
  4. I have it unchecked. The recent files are not removed within the Word or Excel programs' recent file lists. They are only removed from the recent-file listing in the Classic StartMenu.
  5. I am using Win7 with the Clasic Start Menu and Office 2010. I have Word and Excel listed in the Start Menu. When one clicks on either the Word or Excel icon, the Pinned and Recent Documents are listed, ready for selection. When I run CCleaner, the Recent Documents are removed from the list, but not the Pinned Documents. The Recent Documents however, are not removed from the listing within the program. Is there any way that I can prevent CCleaner from purging the Start menu lists?
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