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  1. Hey you have a problem like me... Maybe is the bug from ccleaner.. My problem: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=40327
  2. Hi guys, sorry for my bad English, I m from Europe. Anyway I have a problem with Ccleaner the problem is like is write on the Topic Title Yesterday i format the disk and install fresh copy od Windows 8.1 PRO.. x64 And when I install the ccleaner that task give me the error. I use the final version v4.10 4570 (64bit) About few days a go i had Windows 7 ultimate x64 and there is no problem with that task... I have unistall ccleaner with Revo unistaller but the problem is still there. There is NO virus or something else on my PC because this is the clean installation of windows 8.1. Wha
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