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  1. I am sorry to eL_PuSHeR and to hazelnut. i did not intended to create another discussin here, since i was not the original question. It is just sometimes i get carry away. Will try not let that happen again. Cheers.
  2. I am glad you are ok. Firefigthers are heros that not always get the fully deserved recognition, but still are alway there for us, and our homes. +1 for them. Cheers.
  3. Hello DennisD, and thank you for your inputs. You are absolutely right about every thing you mentioned, and i think it will help a lot of people to finaly realize that backup is not a hidrance, but instead is really a life saver. It hurts nothing to be cautious, like they say: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Not to mention, a lot, and i mean a lot of people that at least in my case, come to me complainig about the loss of important data, or the curroption of their pc OS or even the dead of they hard drive, and if they had made a proper backup of everything, not just the photos and stuff like that, but also, backups of the system and an image of it etc...; they probably to almost certantly, would be able to solve the problem from their homes. because it is not anything so complicating at all. It is in my opinion, something rather simple and ovious. Instead people do nothing, and then come to me, and i have to charge for a relativetly simple to do, do it yourself service. I mean, of corse i want to make money, i am not a hipocrit, but i make most of my money repairing motherboards,and other hardware. Like i said, i still do the job, i reinstall the OS, try and some times recover data, atention, (simple and easy to recover data, because i am not a recovering data specialist), and again, of corse i have to charge for the service. What hurts me is, that people that come to me, do not really have the necessity to do so, if they only putted these concepts that we have been here talking about in their heads, they could have much less problems and headaches, as well save so much money. No matter what the data is, no matter how secure you feel, accidents, distractions, disasters do happen, so people, please, please, do the backup of your stuff!!!!! I know i mentioned before that, i to am at fault in this situation, because i generally dont do backup, but also like i said i do not do anything much important on my pc, do not even have photos, documents. And also, i repair and maintain pcs for a living, everyday almost every hour, so, when i am home the last thing i wanna do is to be at the computer. I guess to, that i am like some doctors, caring for the patients, but without absolute concern for myself. Now, the diference is: when i do someting wrong, something that damage or make me lost someting, i know it is from not being cautious, and either i repair it, or, if not, i do not complain either. But that s just me.... Again DennisD, i thank you for your reply and surely very helpfull input. If anyone want to ad more inputs, or even questions is more then welcome. Cheers.
  4. I didn t use the site for a couple years now, so i really don t remenber exactly how it looked before, but i went to look now, and i think that is clean, well organized and easily useable.
  5. Tasgandy, I looked at Macrium Reflect that you mentioned and, it looks like a great piece of software. I will take a time to test it and study a bit, but from what i am seeing right know, almost certainly will start to recomend the free version, ( i do not work right know with companies, on this moment only with home users) to my clients, well, at least to those ones who are open to the idea of backup. Thank you.
  6. Hello Tasgandy, i make mta words, my own. I never really had the unfortune, (thankfully), of loose my data, at least the really essencial one, but i am from Sao Paulo, Brasil and i lived a couple of years in Rio de Janeiro, and so i lived, as well as many of my clients, with the reallity of floods. I have seen litterally, people (clients), that i have become really good friend of, crying, (note, that i am not exagerating, i assure you), not because of the fact that they lost their computer, but because of hundreds of their family fotos,videos, some of them of dear people who had already past way. Now, i alway advised and still advise my friends, family, clients to backup as more as they can, but the simple true here is; not all people have the means to buy another one or even two hard drives. The other true, and perhaps even more than the first is; most people, don t care enough about it and/or don t think to much about it. It is like smoking; most of the people i know who smoke, probably will only really think about it when they start having some real problem. For me the only reason i do not do backup is simply because what i have in my pc, if lost, i can get it back really easy again. It is just dvd burns, cd burns,games, nothing really important. My electronics and hardware and motherboard and ect..., courses and lessons are really the only thing that i do back up. For that i use one second internal HD, one external HD and DVDs. Thank you for replying, and also thank you for the real good sugestions you made. Feel free, you or anyone to, ad, or give more inputs to this topic. Opinions and sharing are always welcome. And i am sorry if my english is to bad, but i am a bit rusty. Cheers.
  7. Yes you are right to. But what i meant was if generally is not good to have 2 antivirus, them why do it at all? Even if it there is a reasonable easy fix. And by the way, several people,not all of course, but several people, likes to play with system restore and disable it because of some trashy tweak they see on the internet, that tells them it make the pc faster, lighter etc..; Ok. What i mean is this: you know you can most of the time solve the issue. But if it is simply not right to do it, unless perhaps, the way eL_PuSHeR mentioned, then, why do it at all and have all the hedache? Unless a person wants to be masoquist.
  8. Ok. I am sorry. Really i never heard or seen that software. So i guess you right about that. But what i meant was something like running security essentials and avast for exemple, is really bad. And in that point, do not come tell me that i am wrong because i already had duzens and duzens of clients who made that mistake and they OS whent straigth to garbage.
  9. Ok. I am sorry. But, i wasnt trying to help in a "tecnical way", since everyone said that avast was the problem, i merely made a sugestion to quicky solve the problem. Like when you cannot take coffe with sugar then you simply take it with sweetener....just sayin.... Sorry again, don t speek no more.
  10. Hello. I am new in here, but i searched on this forum, and forgive me if i am mistaken but i did not found anything concerning to backup habbits. So therefore i decided to say something about it for people to better understand the concept because many of my clients simply do it so wrong. Feel free to agree or disagree. 1- Most people, and i say again, MOST PEOPLE not everyone, tend to just copy and paste their files to another partition or even another hard drive and then delete the original ones, and think they have backed up their files. But that is just wrong, i mean, a real backup is when you copy the files to another place but you maintain the original ones. For example, let s say i have my entire electronics digital course, then i copy and paste it to another partition ( wich is also wrong, but i will talk about that on number 2) and then i delete the original. what i am really doing is just gaining space on the partition the file originally was. Nothing more. Now if i have a problem with the hard drive i can loose the file anyway. So a properly backup habbit is to copy the original file, but still anyway and allway maintain the original, that way if you lose one of them you still have the other one. 2- Now about partition a disk. First i have absolutly nothing against it. Partitioning is usefull for several thing including defragging; i to usually make partition of my hard drive. Now, what i say is wrong, (and i am not saying that everyone that do this is wrong, because not everyone has the money for it), is to partition a hard drive just to have the movies and music and documents in it, even if you do the properly backup that i talked on point 1. Because like i said on point 1, if you do use partition just to have a backup, sure, if you just have to reinstall the OS you will not lose your backup. But again, let s say that you have problems with the hard drive, that the hard drive is full with bad sectors, or worse even, is completly dead. Then you just lost everithyng you had it on it. Sure, there are people who maybe can recover the files, but is just to much expensive, and most of the times not worth it. Now, the correct thing to do is: 1: whenever you can you should have 2 hard drives; not 2 partitions, but 2 fisical hard drives, preferably one obviously on the pc and the other should be an external hard drive. 2: When you do backup, you should allway, copy/paste the files you want to backup to the external or secundary fisical hard drive, but you should keep allway the originals and not delete them. Why?. OK. So, you put the backup on the external hard drive. Then you deleted the original files. It should be save right? I mean, the files are on the external hard drive. Except external hard drives can to be damage and be dead, just like any other hard drive, because that is what they are, just a hard drive. So if you just put the files on the external hard drive and delete the original ones, you risk yourself to lose the hard drive, and then you don t have the originals and you are now empty hand. And those mistakes are what several people i know and several others i see talking on the internet do. Again i am not in anyway calling dumb to anyone, and i am not saying that everyone do this mistake. Ok? Please do not get me wrong here. In fact, i am just trying to help people, who simply never thought about this because is a thing so obvious but believe me, some people don t think about it, and just to prove that, i am telling all this but i to, do not do propely backups. so i guess... BUSTED!!! :lol: :lol: Cheers, and hope that i could help in some way.
  11. I have to agree with Derek and Loguin123, duplicate files, unless you really know what you are doing should not be messed with. Just like the registry. But then again, we only really learn with the mistakes we make, so if you really want, go ahead and play with it. Cheers.
  12. Avast is a nightmare. Just use security essentials if you have xp or seven or windows defender if you have windows 8. Much more lightweith on resources, and much mor problems free and it does the job perfectly. Cheers.
  13. Brad405red. If you dont know yet if your hard drive is damage, then just download this sftware HDD Regenerator, just google it and you will find it. I assure you. It is the best hard drive scanner software you can find. Burn a cd, then restart, go to boot option chose start from cd and scan your hard drive. If it is really damage it will show as B as in Bad Sector. I apolagize if you already have solve this problem, it s just i got to the conversation to late now and honestly didnt had the patiance to read all the replys. Anyway just trying to help. Think there s no harm in that. Cheers.
  14. Nergal is right. You can safely remove those via ccleaner. Just in case, do the backup option. Just to be safe. Cheers.
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